How To Master Secondhand Shopping

Save Money. Reduce Waste. And heck yeah – Save The Planet! You can really do it all with secondhand shopping. Check out our growing body of resources to help you get comfortable shopping secondhand and master the markets of swaps, thrift, resale, consignment shopping, and more.

Get To Know The Secondhand Shopping Market

With so much production and consumption in our current culture, secondhand markets are flush with amazing finds. But getting to know the many types of secondhand markets and how to successfully navigate them might feel overwhelming. Let us help you get to know the secondhand shopping markets.

Tips To Find (Almost) Anything Secondhand

After years of shopping secondhand, we think you can find almost anything you want from thrift shops, swap groups, and other types of secondhand shopping channels. Check out our growing lineup of tips and tricks to master the secondhand markets for your own consumption.

Sustainable Living Tips: How to Style Thrift Store Finds for Elegant Regifting
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Sustainable Living Tips: How to Style Thrift Store Finds for Elegant Regifting

Are you looking for elegant ways to regift beautiful thrift store finds? We’ve put together sustainable living tips and a list of must-grab thrift store finds to make gift-giving a breeze. Gift-giving is my love language. If you’re my friend, prepare to dodge unsolicited tokens of appreciation and little celebratory treats. If you’re sad, you…

Stories of Favorite Secondhand Finds

The thrill of finding the unexpected diamond in the rough at a secondhand shop keeps us coming back. You might not believe some of the amazing gems discovered when turning others’ trash into your treasure. Read these stories about the real superheroes of secondhand shopping success.