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Zero Waste

Zero waste living for everyday families and eco-friendly living with kids. Tips and ideas to reduce waste in everyday living for modern families.

Carbon Emission Analysis Of The Vitamix FoodCycler [2021]

Wondering if the FoodCycler electric composter produces more carbon emissions than it offsets? After doing a comprehensive and unpaid review of the FoodCycler, I’m diving into the carbon emission tradeoffs of using the FoodCycler compared to landfilling or composting your food waste. Read on for data and conclusions based on governmental environmental sources to understand …

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Can I Compost In Winter?

Are you wondering if you can compost in winter? You’re not alone! I get this question often from people who live in cold weather climates. After all, doesn’t a compost pile need to be hot to decompose, and won’t it just freeze in winter? The short answer is you can definitely compost in winter. Read …

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