Find out more about Jen, editor of Honestly Modern, and the lifestyle principles behind the blog.

Meet Honestly Modern

No matter where you are on the path to a more sustainable lifestyle, check out some helpful posts and resources. Not only do I hope you find some insightful nuggets you can apply in your own life, but you’ll also get a feel for what to expect from Honestly Modern.

Start With Style

Many modern parents can probably attest to the fact that our closets are one of the easiest places to begin a journey toward sustainability. It may not directly clear your calendar of all those commitments or put quick and easy dinner on the table, but I think you’ll find it’s more empowering and impactful in the journey than initially meets the eye.

Check out Why Ethical Style and a Smaller Wardrobe Matter as well as my 90/10 Socially Conscious Style Challenge to learn how to curate a more responsible and sustainable wardrobe.

Head to the Kitchen

Explore simple recipes and meal ideas, especially those including my boys. I love spending time with my two boys cooking and baking together, not only to expose them to new foods and culinary skills but also as a productive way to share quality time together.

Make Time for Health and Wellness

It’s easy to let these types of activities slip through the cracks when so many other commitments are calling our name. We try to make time for occasional fitness, especially when we can get our boys involved. We set aside time to travel as a family and even ensure we have a few moments for ourselves (though that’s always easier said than done).

New is Out, Upcycled is In

As time for myself or sometimes with the boys, we make an effort to get creative with things we already have to limit the unnecessary rush of more new “stuff” cascading into our home.

Now Go Explore & Join the Community of Like-Minded Families

We aren’t engaged in a laser focus on frugal living or an overhauled minimalist shift. Instead, we seek to find simple and sustainable ways to let go of the wasteful and unethical excess while making time for what really matters. We strive for a sustainable and conscious cadence to a balanced, everyday life.

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