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Real Life Low Waste Weekly Menu | June 22

This week, we received lots of great produce from Misfits that made for a pretty colorful photo op (#bloggerlife). More importantly, it was delicious. 

Our menu this who prioritized using up leftovers and not really cooking full, fresh dinners. Call it a dinner hack, a family dinner shortcut, whatever you want. But building our menu and using up leftovers in fresh ways in connection with making the most of our Misfits box made to lots of delicious dinners for not a ton of work. 

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Here’s what we had for family dinner this week while trying to keep our food waste as minimal as possible. 



  • Tacos
  • Variety of raw fruits and veggies from the fridge with the remaining eggplant hummus from Monday


  • Roasted potatoes, carrots and beets – chopped and seasoned with salt and pepper, baked at 400 degrees F
  • Lasagna (leftover from last week)
  • Eggplant spread with baby carrots and red peppers (leftover from Monday’s dinner) 
  • Strawberries and grapes 


  • Chicken quesadilla (made with leftover chicken from Monday)
  • Tortilla chips and guacamole


  • Leftover charcuterie board (special request from my younger son who wants to have this every day but I’ve agreed to once per week)


  • Dinner out (our first restaurant dinner since before the pandemic!) – with social distancing between the tables of course


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