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Learn How To Compost At Home and Bring Your Trash To Life

Not sure if you can compost at home? Check out my interview series of everyday families who compost at home with success. I call it “Bring Your Trash To Life” because composting turns your trash into nutrients for our soil and builds the foundation of new life for our planet.

Enjoy these interviews in the continuing series with families who compost at home in a variety of ways. They live in apartments and homes, urban areas and suburbs and beyond, and they use all sorts of different composting methods. They hail from different cities and countries with varying levels of access to community composting alternatives. Best of all, none of us are experts. We’re all just doing our best to turn our trash into garden treasure.

Hopefully, you can find a few interviewees who live in situations like you and be inspired to compost at home too! If you’re looking for more resources, I have a large and growing series of posts on how to compost at home and related frequently asked questions about composting at home.

If you have any questions, just reach out via email. I love to hear from readers and hope to normalize composting everywhere. I even started a composting company in my local Philadelphia area to provide services and educate my own community about the importance of composting and how everyone can get started!

Want to be featured in the Bring Your Trash To Life series? We’re always looking for new families to tell their stories about how they compost at home. Fill out this quick form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Now on to the series!

Bring Your Trash To Life Composting Interview Series

This series, Bring Your Trash To Life, shows you how to compost at home by interviewing everyday families who compost at home already and share their tips and tricks to make composting accessible and easy.

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