30 Style Bloggers Share Their Style Inspiration Secrets

FashionablyEmployed.com | How To Find Your Own Inspired Style: 30 Style Bloggers Share Their Style Inspiration Secrets

We all have to get dressed in the morning. We love to mix things up and showcase our personality through our outfits and accessories.

Style bloggers, however, have a unique knack and need to be particularly creative in their closets each day. Consequently, they have a wealth of knowledge about where to find new style inspiration and how to turn it into an everyday outfit from their real-life closet. I wanted to tap into that expertise and share it with you! I gathered insights from a variety of style bloggers in various style niches to find out more about their favorite sources of style inspiration.

I asked each style blogger the following two questions:

Q1: What is your favorite source of style inspiration and how do you find or discover it?

Q2: How do you turn your favorite style inspiration into an outfit?

While I’ll let each of them dive into the details, I can definitely say the ideas and tips proved far more unique and varied than I ever could have expected! I promise you’ll find at least a few awesome tips perfect for your taste.

Check out these great recommendations from style aficionados to inspire your personal style adventures. I suspect you’ll find many whose style truly resonates with you, so be sure to follow their blogs and social media to stay inspired! You won’t regret it!

I have also featured several of today’s style blogger on my recurring Sophisticated Style series. Be sure to check out their features where they share more great ideas about garnering classy style for work.


1-My Here & Now LifeJessica | Here & Now | InstagramFacebook

Sophisticated Style Feature

Q1: For style inspiration, my favorite source is Instagram. It is the one spot where I can find every day outfits from fellow teachers, bloggers, and friends. I am constantly finding new ‘grammers to follow (by seeing who my friends/favorite bloggers follow), and I like following both the big name bloggers to see what they repeat in their closets, and the everyday outfits of my friends!

Q2: I use the style inspiration I find on Instagram by identifying the pieces that I already have in my closet & how I can remix them – remixing what I already have is 99% of my daily outfits. Additionally, I don’t have much time to shop these days (teacher life problems!), so I appreciate those in my blog roll who let me live vicariously through their shopping trips & new purchases. The items that I love the most get added to the list of pieces I want to add to my wardrobe (that I keep on a post-it in my purse so I don’t get side-tracked by impulse purchases!).


1-Whitney Nic James

Whitney | Whitney ‘Nic’ James | Facebook | Instagram

Sophisticated Style Feature

Q1: I’d have to say it’s been Pinterest as of late. I really get inspired by the bloggers and street fashion I find. I have a “style-spiration” board and I constantly pin inspiration. I type in a certain style like classic style or boho chic, and there are several images to be inspired from. It’s great!

Q2: I use my pinned inspiration as a guide when thrifting or shopping. I pull out my phone and reference a particular styleor look, then go from there.


11-Sincerely JennieJennie | Sincerely Jennie | Instagram | Twitter

Sophisticated Style Feature

Q1: It might seem like blogs are taking the back seat to other visual outlets, but I definitely still follow other bloggers for my inspiration. I seem to relate to bloggers with budgets, body types or style similar to mine. Some of my favorites include Kendi Everyday, Living in Color Print and Penny Pincher Fashion. These are all women that I’ve been following for quite a while, and they seem to hit it on the mark the majority of the time!

Q2: The bloggers I follow keep their fashions rather affordable, so I could choose to use the pieces they suggest. Or, I use my ShopStyle Collective account to search for similar pieces in my price range.

ShopStyle is another great tool for style inspiration. For instance, if I want a trendy off-the-shoulder black top, I visit the site to search for one. I can set the price range I’d be willing to spend as well as lots of other variables. I often find what I’m looking for that way!


02-The Fashionista Momma

Megan | The Fashionista Momma | Instagram | Twitter

Q1: Pinterest. I love to search the Women’s fashion for style inspiration. I don’t sleep very well, so Pinterest is a perfect thing to do at 2 am when I can’t sleep. I can see a variety of styles from business casual to street style.

Q2: I usually use it to find new pieces that I can’t live without and then put my own spin on it. I don’t want to take exact outfits and replicate them so, I really try to create my own look featuring the piece I love.


1-A Handful of Stories

Yana | A Handful of Stories | Instagram | Pinterest

Q1: I use tons of inspiration every single day. I love the diversity different channels give to creative people. Here are some of my very top:
Style.com for fashion news and runway coverage / Sartorialist for unique street fashion / Blogs: Fashion toast, gary pepper girl, atlantic-pacific / YouTube: clothesencounters, TheLineUp, theplatform, beautycrush / Instagram: margaret zhang, songofstyle.

Q2: I’m always on the lookout for unique silhouette and colour pairings. I try not to copy the outfits I see, but remix and tailor them to my style and body. I also pay close attention to details; these can really make a look stand out.


03-Tucker UpSarah | Tucker Up | Instagram | Twitter

Q1: I always go for comfort. If an outfit is not comfortable, I will not wear it. I find that most classic pieces are the most comfortable and flattering. Pinterest and blogs are great places for style inspiration. I find that I am always adapting outfits I find on these two outlets because I am not a “wear heels to dinner” kind of girl or one to layer on the jewelry. It is fun grabbing the inspiration and then making the outfit my own.

Q2: Inspiration is so great because you don’t have to copy an outfit to be inspired by it. It could be one small aspect of the outfit that inspired you and that is fine. I love taking my favorite parts of outfits and combining them with inspiration I have found from others. Sometimes I do tend to stay on the conservative side, but then I see a picture and I think, “I can do that!”


04-Sincerely Jenna Marie

Jenna | Sincerely Jenna Marie | Instagram | Pinterest

Sophisticated Style Feature

Q1: I LOVE Instagram. I browse it multiple times a day and am constantly gleaning inspiration from all the fabulous ladies who post their outfits daily. I think it’s great that so many “everyday” women share attainable, practical outfits.

Q2: Since unfortunately I can’t just buy everything I see others wearing on Instagram, I find myself looking for similar items in my closet to pair how they did. I also often copy just one aspect from an outfit, such as a color combo, a mix of patterns, or a creative approach to layering. Sometimes others’ outfits also serve to inspire me to try new things- a silhouette I usually don’t, or a trend I was uncertain of previously. For example, I used to hate tassels until I was inundated with them on Insta and I have officially succumbed.

To find new people to follow or outfit ideas, I also browse hashtags. For example, when I got a pair of lace-up flats, I browsed the #laceupflats hastag to see how others styled them. I also enjoy skimming through more generic tags like #OOTD, #shoefie, #jcrew, and so forth to see what others are wearing.


06-I do DeClaireLaura | I do deClaire | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

Sophisticated Style Feature

Q1: I find a lot of inspiration through Pinterest. I’ve been on Pinterest for about four years and found out about it through a friend. I also get a lot of inspiration from blogs I follow. I like to pin outfits I can recreate with items from my closet.

Q2: I use Pinterest in two ways. I browse and search for outfits I like and can recreate. I also search for outfits with items I have in my closet I am stumped by to get inspiration. I also use Pinterest to save inspiration I find other places online like blogs so I can go back and see outfits I can recreate whenever I need ideas.


08-Classified ChicMaria | The Classified Chic | Instagram | Pinterest

Q1: I think my favorite style inspiration comes from nature. I live in Florida, where most of the year it is sunny, and colorful blooms are everywhere. The beaches are never more than an hour away too! The rich colors of nature are everywhere!

My other style inspirations come from Instagram & Pinterest. I love getting inspiration from others. The world is full of so many talented and creative people!

Q2: When it comes to nature, the look of a sunset or clear ocean waters inspire my color choices. I always had a tendency to wear black and white. I’ve tried to move away from that, looking to everything around me for colors to gravitate towards.

On Instagram & Pinterest I like get inspiration from others, and reimagine the items I currently have in my closet in new & interesting ways. I also visualize how I’d style a certain look, keeping in mind what flatters my shape and size (I’m petite).


3-Still Being MollyMolly | Still Being Molly | Instagram | Facebook

Q1: I love to take in my surroundings. Whether it’s a piece of art, landscape, or something else totally random. I love to look for color palettes, textures, prints, and themes to inspire me! Anything that makes me feel happy is a YES in my book!

Q2: I love taking in my surroundings and then turning it into an outfit. For example, I love graffiti art and murals… This one time I saw this beautiful mural in the downtown area where I live that had a gorgeous mix of aquas, blues, and oranges in it. The colors reminded me of a few pieces I had in my closet and so when I got home, I pulled them out and decided to give it a try and I ended up loving the combination! Style is such a fun creative outlet for me!


1-Pretty PlusBrittney | The Pretty Plus | Twitter | Instagram

Q1: My favorite source for style inspiration is taking advantage of the hashtags on Instagram! I love to look at #OOTD or #PSOOTD (Plus Size) and see what other people are doing that I can adapt to my own personal style!

Q2: I usually find a few looks that I like, but make sure they are within my style. I could totally copy things, but know that they wouldn’t be in my comfort level, so I like to get ideas, work with what I have, and make them my own.


2-Heather Wynacko

Heather | Forage Fashion | Instagram | Facebook

Q1: My favorite source for fashion inspiration truly comes from other bloggers! Sometimes I’ll fall down the Instagram ‘Rabbit Hole’ and stumble upon fantastic feeds that give me inspiration. Sometimes when I’m considering a purchase I’ll do a google image search to see how other bloggers have styled it. Mainly, I’m glued to my social feeds and have constant inundation of other amazing creatives and their vision.

Q2: When I see an outfit I love my first instinct is to COPY IT. But outfits are like snowflakes – no two are alike – so making an exact copy is impossible. I just let the original inspiration guide how I select my base pieces, then everything else falls in to place.

When I see a garment I love my first instinct is to BUY IT. And I usually do, if I can find it at a reasonable price point. From there, I just mix it in with what I already have and let my personal style come through.


01-Lovely Little Wardrobe

Carrie | A Lovely Little Wardrobe | Facebook | Instagram

Q1: Bloggers have become my favorite source for style inspiration. Following blogs allows me to capture a variety of great and unique style using pieces from a multitude of retailers. I discovered blogs when I did a Google search to learn how to reduce my clothing and still create lots of looks with fewer pieces. One blog led to another and another and I was hooked on this community.

Q2: I use inspiration of color, patterns, texture and style from others and head to my own closet and dresser drawers to create my own looks. I don’t want to be cookie cutter and simply replicate what I’ve seen {although I have at times} but instead use the ideas of bloggers to challenge me to create my own version of a look. So many times I would not have thought about putting certain colors or patterns together without a little inspiration from blog world.


Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

Tilden | To Be Bright | Instagram | Bloglovin’

Q1: Magazines! From blog post titles to style inspiration, I find these modern forms of fashion literature unbelievably helpful. When browsing them I try to pick ones with the most “fashion/style” titled features on the cover because those seem to be the most insightful.

Q2: I’ve tried my own spin on looks I never would’ve thought of that easily, and the best part is that almost every reader interprets the same magazine in a different way. So regardless of what the content holds, the outfit I create in my head from the roots of an image comes out entirely unique.



NicoleHigh Latitude Style | Twitter | Pinterest

Q1: I am very interested in fashion history. Thus, I love to discover the origins of certain clothes, how it got its way into fashion. I am a scientist and hence use the same method as I do for my research, literature research digging back into the original sources.

Q2: It depends on the item. My favorite thing is to put it into a new context or apply it to something totally opposite. For instance, wearing a motorcycle jacket with a dress, a dirndl with a button-down shirt, dress over pants, a trench coat or cardigan as a top.


2-Beauty by Miss L

Leelo | Beauty by Miss L | TwitterInstagram

Q1: It is difficult to narrow it down to just one, but if I’m out of ideas I actually go to Google image search, put in some keywords, and just see what comes up. Pretty often I end up on some Pinterest board this way, but sometimes it is a great way to discover new and very small fashion and style blogs.

Q2: I save the best pics to my laptop and when I need an idea for an outfit then I just go them through. I never create exactly the same look. I always make the look mine by adding things I like to a look.


09-She Thought She CouldKaren | She Thought She Could | Instagram | Facebook

Q1: My favorite source for style inspiration is other blogs. I love to peruse my favorites as well as check new stylish ladies and see what cute new outfits they have come up with. There is so much creativity out there and I love to tap into it. I prefer looking at what I call “Real Life” blogs where the women actually wear what they are showing to work or other activities as opposed to the blogs that look too good to be true. I mean, we could all look fantastic if we could sport brand new clothes everyday. I prefer looking at bloggers that are creative with what they already own.

Q2: When I come across an outfit on a blog that features a piece that I either already own or own something similar to, the creative wheels start turning! I think “Hey, I never thought of putting a belt over that dress” or “I would never thought to have put those colors together”. I love to then start playing dress up in my closet using the inspiration I have just come across. My favorite is when I see a blogger wear a piece several times in a season, just changing up completer pieces or accessories.


10-Style NudgeCherie | Style Nudge | Instagram | Facebook

Q1: I don’t have one source; I truly find my inspiration anywhere I go. But, if I had to pick a source it would be flea markets, garage sales and thrift/vintage stores. I am a collector at heart, and I love the hunt of finding one-of-a kind and vintage pieces. I am constantly observing, and I’ve come to realize that I see the world through “style-colored” glasses.

Q2: When I put an outfit together, it’s like working a puzzle or painting a picture. My look develops as I work. I love to create something out of nothing.

Style is not about how much you spend, wearing the latest trends or looking too perfectly put together. Great style is all about the “mix” and combining textures, colors, patterns, high with low, new with old. Clothes are just clothes, it’s what you do with them and how you wear them that equals fabulous style.


1-Petite Career GirlMerrie | Petite Career Girl | Twitter | Bloglovin’

Q1: Other bloggers! I will dig through the archives of my favorite bloggers and pin everything I like. I usually find bloggers through word of mouth, magazines, blog rolls and link-up parties.

Q2: When I’m feeling a little uninspired, I start digging through my Pinterest boards. It’s amazing how an outfit you’ve looked at many times before can suddenly spark a new idea! I also look out for outfits that included pieces that I already own. They are great ways to start looking at your old clothes in a new way. Often, I’ll pin all of these to a private board that I’ll use for the season or for packing.


3-Wear It For less

Jessica | Wear It For Less | Facebook | Pinterest

Q1: Celebrities! I love to look at celebrities (usually in their street style attire) and get ideas for new outfits for myself and my readers. They seem to have the first look at new designer lines and current runway trends, and I like to see how they put their clothes together. My main sources for inspiration photos are Daily Mail (UK), EOnline, and Pinterest.

Q2: Celebrities often spend a ton of money on clothes, and it’s fun for me to try to recreate the look with much more affordable pieces for the average girl (in different price brackets). I usually focus on one stand out piece in the outfit and then build the more basic pieces around that. Lastly, I add on the accessories.


4-Muriel Makes Magic

Muriel | Muriel Makes Magic | Instagram

Q1: My ultimate inspiration comes from the women around me, both those I know personally, and those whom I admire from afar. My mother has taught me to not shy away from color. As an artist, she knows how strong an impact color can make, and it’s something I try to work into my wardrobe daily. I also look to my sister, who leans more towards a boho-chic style than I would. Our personal styles may be different but I love to see how she puts an outfit together. Some ladies of the past have also helped me to define my style. Jacqueline Kennedy never looked less than elegant. She was the essence of class and is one of my ultimate inspirations. Jackie took risks and didn’t wait for trends, she made them. Other women who inspire me include Kate Middleton, Jenna Lyons, and a whole bevy of fashion bloggers.

Q2: I try to make an outfit my own, even if I’m being inspired by someone else. I rarely recreate an outfit entirely, since no one else has a personal style that exactly fits me. I may be clicking through Pinterest and see an outfit that is to die for, mixing a juxtaposition of military inspired pieces, with a more feminine silhouette. I then head to my own closet, or the nearest J. Crew, and think about how I can take that outfit and make it my own. I may mix up the accessories, or try to find a piece that flatters my body. I think that it’s all about making outfits work for you in a way that makes you feel good about yourself and the image you’re presenting to others!


5-Curly Crafty Mom

Carrie | Curly Crafty Mom | Instagram | Pinterest

Q1: After having two kids and not having time or energy to shop, I had a closet full of very drab and out-dated clothes. I had a blog for awhile, but my blog started out as a ‘mommy’ blog in 2009 after I had my daughter. I started reading more blogs and I became ADDICTED to the fashion blogs. All of a sudden, it didn’t look too hard to be fashionable in the office or at home, even though I as a frumpy mom! I decided to participate in a few 30×30 challenges with some other bloggers where you select 30 items from your closet and wear those items exclusively for 30 days. It REALLY helped me figure out how to style my clothes in my closet in a good way! From there, I continued to follow fashion blogs and my fashion sense has continued to grow!

Q2: If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I love to mix and match patterns and I am an accessory queen! I really believe that adding some nice accessories can really make an outfit pop! I also love to wear one piece multiply ways, such as a maxi dress as a skirt. A lot of times I will see a blogger style an outfit and it’ll give me inspiration from my own closet, but I always try to style it a little differently… in my own way. I am having a lot of fun with it, and I believe that is all that matters!


2-Elegance & Mommyhood

Ada | Elegance and Mommyhood | Bloglovin’ | Pinterest

Q1: My main source of Style Inspiration is Pinterest (of course) and I joined kind of late, less than 2 years ago. But I am now hooked. From personal style and fashion to home style, interior design, baby and toddler style, I draw so much inspiration from it and pin new looks (some of which to try) every single day. Street style from the metropolitan European city I currently live in is a very close second source for style inspiration though. I find so many creative ways people dress for their daily lives, from fancy down-town to chic urban looks.

Q2: I use the style inspiration how I see it fit to my own personal style, my budget, my closet and of course the current trends going on as well as the current season and/or weather. Sometimes I am inspired just from a piece of accessory, a mix of colors, a certain pattern-mix and sometimes from a head-to-toe look. Depending on what I want to take from that particular outfit, then I make it happen by shopping my closet with what I have. It doesn’t have to be very similar or identical. That is why it is called an inspiration.


6-Bread and Roses Vintage

Emily | Bread and Roses Vintage | Instagram | Pinterest

Q1: I draw a lot of style inspiration from Instagram — I am a very visual person, and I’m on the go a lot, so Instagram is the perfect vehicle for me. Participating in fashion challenges via IG has introduced me to a lot of other fashionable women who I might not otherwise have discovered.

Q2: Inspiration for me can be about a vibe or feeling – I’ll see someone with a really distinctive style, and it can make me see my own wardrobe in a new way as I think about combining things differently. Or it can be something specific that I’ll latch on to – a color pairing, a certain article of clothing or accessory. The wheels start turning, and I’ll start thinking about what I have in my closet that can reflect that inspiration.


2-Pocketful of Polka DotsJennie | A Pocketful of Polka Dots | Instagram | Bloglovin’

Sophisticated Style Feature

Q1: Pinterest is my favorite source for style inspiration! I single out one piece I want to style and query search. I have arranged my Pinterest boards by specific items – “chambray shirt”, “moto jacket'”, “booties”, “color inspiration” , “jean looks”, “The Office”…

Q2: I love to take the looks I am inspired by and make them my own. The most popular posts on my blog are always the ones in which I placed my own personal interpretation. Maybe that morning it seemed random and crazy, and I thought no one besides me is going to like this look. Turns out I was giving some inspiration!


4-Classy Yet TrendyLeanne | Classy Yet Trendy | Instagram | Pinterest

Q1: Most favorite is Instagram! I follow several Instagram accounts that show “outfit selfies”, users wearing popular clothes and accessories.

Q2: When I spot a clothing item that I like, I build an outfit using similar pieces in my wardrobe. If I don’t have that clothing item or accessory and want to know where to find it, I tap the picture and the person usually shows the source where to buy it.


5-Lil Miss JB Style

Jordan | Lil Miss JB Style | Instagram

Q1: People watching is hands down my favorite source for style inspiration. Even though I live and work in a smaller town, I’m always inspired by what people are wearing and how they wear it. I take the good with the not so good and find ways to make it my own.

Q2: How I use the inspiration varies from outfit to outfit. Sometimes I like to recreate a color combination or silhouette with my own pieces. Other times I will create my own take on an outfit I’ve seen. Then there are times where it’s just the general vibe a person is giving off that I try to find in myself when I choose an outfit. It’s about experimenting and pushing beyond my comfort zone to try things that may not be new to the fashion industry, but are new to my style that help me to find what makes me feel beautiful.


6-Willfully ElegantSush | Willfully Elegant | Instagram | Pinterest

Sophisticated Style Feature

Q1: It is very hard to pin it down to a single source of inspiration, but if it were to be a person, it would be Kate Middleton for me. She is the perfect, polished lady with the right quotient of fun and that reflects in all her outfits. I love that she mixes and matches her outfits for different occasions and is not shy to wear the same outfit twice like many other celebrities/personalities. I try to emulate her style into my work wardrobe the most. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to her, which serves as my inspiration.

Q2: Given my non-infinite budget and wardrobe, I try to find pieces that best emulate Kate Middleton’s style without having to buy new pieces. I try to go for versatile dresses for instance, that can be doubled as skirts or tops. Her Highness always mixes casual brands with high end items, and to me that is versatility with style. I try to invest in one or two high end pieces like a good blazer or a pair of shoes that I can then wear with multiple outfits throughout all seasons. I often invest in good basic pieces that can be reused in many different ways.


7-A Labour of Life

Linda | A Labour of Life | Instagram | Pinterest

Q1: In the past (pre blogging) it was a random type of inspiration maybe magazines, maybe what I saw in a store but today honestly it is other bloggers. It may be a single piece or a whole outfit that inspires, but for me I get motivated and passionate about clothes when I read other posts.

Q2: I may see if I have similar pieces, I may create a similar look or I may actually hit online and order a piece or several pieces. Luckily most of the blogger styles I love frequent the same stores that I do and thus getting inspired from them is still cost effective.


1-IMG_8035-683x1024Irene | The Daily Lace | Instagram | Bloglovin’

Q1: I find inspiration,as odd as it sounds in my closet. Love to mix things and garments! My other inspiration is other bloggers, love to see different styles and outfits!

Q2: After I find something I like I try to adjust it in me. So I can feel like myself, and express my personal style!


07-Librarian for Life & Style

Jen | Librarian for Life and Style | Facebook | Pinterest

Sophisticated Style Feature

Q1: I’m a big believer in being open to style inspiration anywhere, from anyone or anything. My favorite — and often most creative — source for style inspiration comes from participating in, and helping curate, a style challenge called Style Imitating Art (SIA). SIA is all about basing outfits off artwork. It’s a different way to think of style inspiration, to start with a piece of art. SIA challenges have incorporated more traditional pieces of art, such as paintings and illustrations, as well as non-traditional art, such as short films, large sculptures, and ornate jewelry carvings. The co-founders of SIA are Salazar from the 14 Shades of Grey style blog, and Jess from the Animated Cardigan style blog, and I joined in as a curator about two years ago. Every other week, we swap selection and hosting duties, and each post/challenge goes up on Mondays.

Q2: It depends on the art and where it takes me. It can be the colors in the piece of art, or the mix of textures, or the feelings or emotions the artwork brings out or is trying to capture. For example, one of my recent SIA picks was Childe Hassam’s 1917 painting, “The Avenue in the Rain”. It’s a classic painting featuring American flags, and I chose it to help commemorate Memorial Day. I knew my outfit would incorporate red, white, and blue. But the main starting point for me was texture, because of the textures in the impressionistic-style painting and artistically blurry perspective of the flags in the rain. I chose a navy dress made of a light, nubby fabric to echo the texture in the painting, and then layered additional textures with a cable knit cardigan, striped canvas flats, and a patent leather belt.

More Personal Style Resources

So what’d you think? Did you find a few tips that resonated with your personal style journey? Although I know you’ve gotten more than enough style tips, I’ve also shared a whole slew of information on the blog about gathering and using style inspiration.

If you want to know my style inspiration secrets and how I turn it into everyday outfits, I shared some insights on my own steps back when I wore this marsala dress and chambray shirt.

If you love Pinterest as much as I do, check out my Remix with Pinterest Series.

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Lastly, I have a special love/hate relationship with wrap dresses, particularly as a piece for the office. If wrap dresses are in your arsenal, consider taking a gander at my Wrap Dress Wrap Up: Why Wrap Dresses are Deceivingly Difficult to Wear and How to Make Them Work for Work.

With so much information, it might be a whole lots to digest now. Be sure to Pin It, share it or save it in your favorite place as a resource for later.

If you loved it and found it helpful, all the style blogger contributors and I would be beyond thrilled if you’d share it with your friends!

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    1. I’m so glad you love it and have found some new bloggers to follow! There were some really insightful ideas so hopefully we all have at least a couple of new ideas to inspire us to remix our own closets!

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