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DIY Swim Cover | Black Tie Affair

As I have written about previously, The Man and I whisked away to Miami (sans child) for a friend’s wedding. The groom is a college friend so we had lots of college comrades to catch up with during our visit. Only the second weekend we have spent away from The Little Guy together, we undoubtedly missed him but loved having a couple days to relax and enjoy ourselves, each other, and some selfish moments of carrying for no one but us. 

Before the wedding, a formal black tie affair, we spent the morning lounging around and in the pool. If you missed it, check out the unbelievable pool at The Biltmore, where we stayed ~ it’s seriously ridiculous (i.e. ridiculously awesome). I loved getting a chance to wear this swim cover I whipped up based on this tutorial from Merrick, one of my favorite bloggers of late. It’s certainly a beginner piece from a “seamstress” with beginner skills, but I loved making it and always love wearing something that’s truly my own. Further, I LOVE the fabric that I snatched up from the clearance section at JoAnn’s

With a change of pace and scenery, I exchanged my swim cover for a floor length black dress. I did not own a floor length dress, so I sweet talked (ok, it didn’t take much convincing) a friend into letting me borrow her dress. And lucky for me, we are just about the same size so the dress fit perfectly. Thank you!

On a somewhat comical note, do you like how I curled my hair for the wedding? It’s straight, you say? No, really – I curled it and my straight hair is so straight as a board that the curls died during my walk from the room to these stairs (I snapped these photos before the event). It refuses to hold curl so insistently, in fact, that I had a hair stylist challenge me a year or two ago trying to convince me that she had a product that could hold curl in anyone’s hair. I rolled my eyes and… she lost. By the end of the cut and styling session, she did not even try to sell me the “magic” product. But in exchange for hair that refuses to curl, I also rarely blow dry it because it naturally dries pretty much the way you see here. I probably blow dry my hair three or four times a month, at most, and it’s only a two minute, head upside down, drying session when I’m in a rush to get somewhere without wet hair. 

Have you been to a black tie event recently? Do you have a formal dress in your closet? Or do you have stick straight hair and have you found a magic product that actually works?  Share the secrets – please!

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