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Sustainable Style For All Your Adventures From grünBAG

On the market for the perfect “non mom” mom bag that also steps up to the plate for sustainability? I think I’ve got an answer for you today with grünBAG. Check out more details and don’t miss the discount code if you think it’s up your alley. 

Thanks to grünBAG for sponsoring this post as part of a collaboration with Ethical Writers and Creatives

If you’ve got kids, I’ll bet there’s been a time or two (or a million) when you’re scrambling to gather all your things and all your littles to get in the car and get somewhere… hopefully on time, but probably not. That’s not just me, right? Right? Right??!

As parents, that transition period always seems to be a challenge. Shoes take forever to find and put on. Brushing teeth somehow takes 15 minutes, even though the toothbrush timer only runs for 120 seconds. How does that happen??! And you can’t find your bag or the keys as you’re rushing out the door. “Moooooommmmm. Can you (fill in the blank)?” We feel like we’re constantly being pulled in eight different directions. We ain’t got time for juggling a collection of impractical bags.

I’ve been in search of a perfect “mom” bag for years. I want that bag that works for every occasion so I never have to transfer my phone, wallet and keys to a new bag. I’ve succumbed to the reality that that bag doesn’t exist. There is no one “it” bag that works for every single occasion, especially as a camera mom who often wants to have my camera close by. Sometimes I need a bag that protects my camera. Sometimes I need a bag, one that’s not afraid of a little leak, full of snacks and water bottles to last us on a hike through the woods or a long day of errands. And sometimes I need a bag that carries my camera, my laptop and all my career things so I can work my working mom magic. There is no single Mary Poppins bag that works for every single occasion.

I have, however, found a few bags that are just right for my needs, and I’m pumped to tell you about one of them from grünBAG. When I’m running out the door, inevitably five minutes late, because… well… who knows (insert eye roll), I love a bag that I can grab and go. I don’t want something that’s too big or too heavy when I just need the basics for a trip with the boys out to the park or the library or the grocery store. My A-Bag from grünBAG does the job perfectly.

If you’re already sold, you can get 10% off with code ‘honestly2018’. Either way, let me share the ways I love my grünBAG.

I love that it can be a crossbody bag. I never have enough hands as it is, so I almost exclusively carry crossbody bags because they are hands free. When it’s folded over, it’s small and manageable. If I need a little extra space to toss in something else one of the boys asks me to carry, I can pop up the top for a bunch of extra space. I also love that the top zips to make sure nothing falls out. There’s a pretty good chance I’ll be sprinting after someone at some point during the day.

Let’s also not forgot that it’s pretty cool. Do any of you remember the purses our moms used to carry? (Sorry mom… I love you, but those purses from the 90’s when I was a kid were just not that cool.) I don’t need a frumpy “mom” pocketbook. I’m headed to New York City this weekend for a quick trip with my husband. I’ve already packed my grünBAG, and it is totally perfect. Not only does it pack up small so it fits in my suitcase well, but it’s also weather-proof. The forecast is calling for lots of rain … ugh … but my bag is made of an industrial material specifically designed to be waterproof and weather-resistant. That’s good stuff.

Aside from being really functional and fun, grünBAG has incorporated a host of sustainable components to their bags. The bags are all made from sustainable materials. They use a variety of recycled and offcut materials otherwise destined for landfills. My bag, for example, is made from remnants of truck tarps. The small offcuts can’t be used to make full-size tarps, so grünBAG utilizes the waste materials and turns them into fashionable, functional, sturdy bags. Some of their other products are made from recycled plastic bottles, upcycled liferaft material, commercial banners, and even old seat belts. They utilize really durable, industrial materials that are either too small for their original purpose or have outlived their original use and put the materials to use in a brand new way.

With the volume of waste piling up around the world, it’s so important that we find new uses for old things. You know I’m a big advocate of secondhand, especially when it comes to fashion items. Breathing new life into these industrial materials as grünBAG does is right up my alley.

If you’re in the market for a fun and functional everyday bag (and you don’t have to be a mom… of course), be sure to check out grünBAG and use the coupon code ‘honestly2018’ for 10% off your purchase! I’d love to hear what you think.

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