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Secondhand Style: Let Clothes Mentor Do The Dirty Work

Think you’re too busy for or not interested in secondhand style? With it’s curated collection designed for everyday women, Clothes Mentor might convince you otherwise. It may just be time to reconsider this socially responsible style channel. 

1secondhand-style-let-clothes-mentor-do-the-dirty-work-social black-jeans-with-gray-sweater-and-cognac-boots-and-faux-leather-jacket-2

When people catch wind that I buy all of my clothes from socially conscious channels, including about half from secondhand shops, I’m often asked how I have time to find the right ethical brands or sift through racks of someone else’s unwanted leftovers. Part of the success of sourcing my clothes more responsibly hinges on my enjoyment of the hunt. I love the satisfaction of finding a diamond in the rough.

I definitely understand, however, that not everyone enjoys the process. Don’t let that discourage you though! Particularly with secondhand clothing, you can still benefit from great quality pieces at super affordable prices if you shop at the right stores.

More and more curated resale and consignment shops are popping up everywhere, and some of them, like Clothes Mentor, cater to pretty specific target markets. In other words, the stores do most of the sifting and vetting for you before putting clothes on the racks. We’ll call that effort “the dirty work”.

clothes-mentor-gray-sweater-with-black-jeans-and-cognac-boots-2 gray-sweater-and-faux-cognac-leather-jacket-with-black-jeans

By the time you’re shopping, everything is pretty much guaranteed to be in good condition, not outdated, of reasonable quality, and of a style suitable to your age and lifestyle. The stores are clean and well-organized, have nice fitting rooms, and don’t feel a whole lot different than shopping at many standard mall stores.

In fact, it’s really quit akin to shopping at stores like TJMaxx or Marshall’s but with better prices for higher quality brands. I know those stores aren’t for everyone. But if you’re a regular at those stores, curated secondhand shops could be a really great and more conscious alternative for your closet.

Visit to Clothes Mentor

Recently, Clothes Mentor offered me an opportunity to check out their store in my new neck of the woods. Ummm… yes?! This is so up my alley (and was probably on my to-do list anyway).

Just as expected, I found several things, all in like-new quality, that fit my taste at really reasonable prices. All but the boots in today’s outfit are from my Clothes Mentor trip, and the entire outfit (including the jacket) rang up at under $100.

sorting-through-jeans-at-clothes-mentor examining-boots-at-clothes-mentor walking-out-of-clothes-mentor

I even found a pair of dark gray skinny jeans for $35 (from a brand that retails between $150 – $200) that were in impeccable condition.  I totally wanted them but they were a couple inches too long. So I did what any good sister does and sent them to my sister.  She’s a couple inches taller than me, so they took a trip out to California (where she lives) and now they fit her like a glove.

Of all my sisters, she spends the least amount of time shopping for herself and would never buy herself a pair of designer jeans, so I knew these were calling her name. $35 very well spent.

Secondhand Shopping Tips

If you haven’t check out Clothes Mentor, I’d encourage you to give it a go. Even if you think secondhand isn’t “your thing,” the selection might surprise you. If you’re new to secondhand, I recommend starting with things like tops, dresses and jewelry. They seem to be the easiest to navigate for new secondhand shoppers.

If you’re feeling adventurous, venture into the denim section. Although it can be harder to find a perfect pair, there’s high reward for those willing to try on a handful of options. If you find something that works, it’s a really fantastic way to add designer denim to your closet without breaking the bank.


If you live in the Philadelphia area, Clothes Mentor has offered my readers two $50 gift cards to their stores in West Chester, Springfield, and East Norriton. Be sure to enter below! Even if you’re not in the area, Clothes Mentor has franchise stores all around the country so there’s a good chance you can find one in your area.

If you’ve got any questions about how to make secondhand shopping work for you, I’m always happy to help. You can email me, leave a comment, or reach out on social media. Good luck!

Heads Up: This post was created in partnership with Clothes Mentor. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Honestly Modern!



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