How To Make A Pizza Garden with Kids

Want to try gardening with kids? How about starting a kids’ pizza garden? Growing food that kids recognize and look forward to eating is a great way to get them excited about growing their own food and enjoying an activity together that celebrates nature. Let’s get started on growing a pizza garden with kids.

Kids can learn so much from gardening! Not only do they learn about plants, soil, nature, and our food supply, but they also learn a variety of life lessons from the garden. One of the best ways to get kids excited about gardening is to give them their own space to dig, plant, and watch their seeds flourish. 

Last year, we made a butterfly garden and my son helped me create a wild garden of zinnias. This year, his perennial butterfly garden is already coming back to life, and we are going to start a pizza garden!

It’s a little early to plant where we live, so right now we’re just getting the garden beds ready and starting to plant seedlings that we can transplant into the pizza garden bed when the weather is warm enough.

Why Pizza Gardens Are Great For Kids

Pizza gardens are great for kids for a few reasons. First and foremost, (most) kids love pizza. When growing a kids’ pizza garden, they get to plant and care for the food they will actually eat. That is so exciting for kids.

Also, the plants that comprise a pizza garden for kids are generally fairly easy, hardy, and interesting plants to grow. You can choose a variety of different tomatoes for your pizza sauce, though I love growing smaller tomatoes like cherry tomatoes or plum tomatoes. Kids can pick the tomatoes on their own, and they fit so easily into little hands. Herbs like oregano, parsley, and basil grow pretty quickly – a plus for little ones lacking patience. They also grow well in a variety of conditions; they are not a finicky bunch. 

For added fun, check out unique varieties of standard ingredients. We ordered seeds for red and yellow tomatoes as well as green and purple basil! We also have a variety of different colored peppers. Not only will we have pizza ingredients, but we’ll have a rainbow of colors in our garden as well. 

The elements of a pizza garden grow well together too. Herbs like parsley and basil, with their strong aromas, help deter pests from attacking the sweet tomato plants. When the herb plants grow around the tomato vines, they act like a little barrier to bad bugs. Nothing is a surefire solution in a garden, but we have had great luck using herbs as a natural defense against pesky pests.

Over the next few months, I’ll share a variety of posts about our pizza garden progress. Look for posts on getting started with seedlings for a pizza garden for kids as well as updates on the growth of the garden, harvesting the fruits and herbs, and even making our own homemade pizza sauce together.

Everything To Know About Growing A Pizza Garden With Kids

We’ve started our pizza garden and planted some seedlings to hopefully set in our garden soon. Check out these additional posts for everything to know about growing a pizza garden with kids. And if you have additional questions, leave them in the comments. I’ll do my best to answer them. They may even become the basis for a new blog post!

We can’t wait to share all about it with you! Do you garden with your kids? 

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