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6 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Dates | Need a date night but don't have any plans? Consider one of these great ideas to do this weekend. Valentine's Day or any day, these last minute ideas work for any day of the year with limited planning!

Let’s be honest. If you haven’t planned a dinner date for Valentine’s Day yet (like me), chances are you’re out of luck. Truthfully, I’ve never planned a dinner date for Valentine’s Day because I’m not thrilled about paying extra for a prix fixe menu, especially as a kind of picky eater. If you still need a plan, or maybe traditional dinner just isn’t your style, here are six less traditional Valentine’s Day dates that don’t require advanced reservations.

Chocolate Tour ~ Your city may not have these, but if they do, consider it a done deal. It’s perfect for a sweet, chocolate-obsessed holiday and also great if your date is a chocolate addict (like me…). In Chicago and several other large cities, you can check out Chocolate Tours from Great Food Tours. Even if this isn’t offered where you live, who needs a guide?! Pick a few of your favorite chocolate shops and make your own tour.

Brunch ~ Many brunch places around here don’t take reservations. While the restaurant might be busy, you won’t have to worry about the last minute planning because no one got a head start on adding their name to the waiting list. If you’re in Chicago, check out my tourist guide for spending a Weekend in Chicago like a Local for some great brunch options.

Wine & Massages at Home ~ Suitable for anyone and especially those with children, plan a simple but intimate date at home. Maybe you give each other massages, or maybe you hire a professional to come to your home. If you’re a parent, you don’t even have to hire a babysitter, because you can wait until the little ones are in bed. Grabbing a bottle of wine can certainly be accomplished last minute.

Bar / Appetizer Crawl ~ If you’re still interested in food, but can’t get a table anywhere in town, sit at the bar. Stop by three or four of your favorite spots, have a drink and an appetizer at each place. Chances are you’ll have a better night picking and choosing the best from each menu as opposed to being limited to the offerings from only one restaurant. (This is one of the Twelve Dates of Christmas M and I have planned for this year.)

Partner Yoga Class ~ Get your fit on and attend a partner yoga class together. I have done this once, and it’s pretty awesome. I wish I could go more often but kiddos make that a bit difficult often times. I loved having someone there to offer instructor-led assists and help me go deeper into many poses. It definitely changes the yoga experience and is a great way to mix things up! Check the classes at your local studios. Many offer special classes like this around Valentine’s Day just for the occasion.

Dessert Date ~ No one said a Valentine’s Day date has to be extravagant or expensive, at least in my book. Stop by a cupcake shop or a donut shop. In my neighborhood, fancy, high-end donuts are very trendy right now. Many of the donut shops open for evening dessert hours, so stop in to share something sweet! This spot is my favorite in Chicago, and I suspect you have your favorite dessert places in your local area.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.