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The Best Masks For Back To School (and anytime)

Need masks for back-to-school season? Check out Beya Made masks, my absolute favorite masks.

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School starts soon, and our kids will be wearing masks when they drop their book bags on their new desks this fall. My boys aren’t pumped about wearing masks at school but… it is what it is. We follow the rules and hope that we can eventually get back to a mask-free world someday.

Regardless of how much we dislike masks, many of us need to wear them. So… we may as well wear the best masks on the market.

After trying lots of different types of masks and gaiters, Beya Made masks are my absolute favorite. They are the most comfortable, durable, washable, and sustainable masks I’ve seen.

Beya Made is a sustainable children’s clothing company. After working for large fashion brands, the owner decided to start a company that makes clothes that grow with kids (seriously!). All the pieces are handmade from sustainable materials like linen. Everything is beautiful, well-made, and includes features like extra buttons and rollable hems so the clothes fit through many sizes and growth spurts.

Face Masks From A Sustainable Kids Clothing Company

When the whole world started wearing masks, Laurel, Beya Made’s owner, added face masks to her collection. She’s tweaked the design a few times over the last 18 months based on feedback from customers, so they get better with each iteration.

Beya Made masks are handmade in cotton and linen fabrics. They’re soft and flexible with adjustable earloops so you can make them fit your face just right. My husband borrowed one of mine and immediately commented on how comfortable it was.

Linen is Perfect For Masks

We have several masks made of linen from Beya Made. Linen is the perfect material for masks. Linen has anti-microbial properties and wicks moisture away from the skin. With its extra-long fibers, it’s also really durable.

Neck Strap is the Best!

My favorite feature on the Beya Made masks is the neck strap. I often take a mask on and off. The neck strap makes it easy to remove and replace without losing the mask or having to find a place to store it.

The masks are such good quality that she sells out within days of nearly every restock. I suggest you sign up for the Beya Made email list to get notifications just before restocking so you can grab a mask if you need one.

Are your kids wearing masks when they go back to school? Are you still wearing masks in your community? If so, be sure to check out Beya Made. They’re worth the investment.

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