How & Why To Break Up With Amazon

You probably need Amazon less than you think. Amazon is getting too big for its britches, and its inevitable takeover of the the world is not inevitable at all. Dive into our growing collection of resources about how and why to break up with Amazon.

Why Break Up With Amazon

Whether you’re supporting thriving local economies, advocating for better treatment of workers, pushing for more ethical business markets, or simply looking to slow gluttonous overconsumption, there are lots of reasons to choose alternative retailers and businesses instead of Amazon.

Where To Find Amazon Alternatives

Did you know there are places to buy and find what you need other than Amazon (shocking, right)? We know you know, but do you really know? We’re making it easier to skip Amazon and use alternative retailers and resources to buy and obtain what you need. Skip the Amazon Prime subscription and save your money for better things.

Stop Buying So Much Stuff

Our collective obsession with Amazon is mostly a mindset problem, and we have a choice to change. We have to stop buying so much stuff, and stop buying it all from Amazon. If you’re being honest with yourself, you’re probably better off without it.