Unpaid Review of Succulent Studios Subscription Box

Want a steady flow of fun and cute succulents to arrive in your mailbox? Maybe you know a friend who would love to receive an eco-friendly succulent subscription as a gift? Check out more about Succulent Studios, and be sure to use this link for $5 off your first month

For years, I liked the idea of having a house full of indoor plants. However, I had no idea what to buy, where to buy them, or how to take care of them. So, I just didn’t do anything about this desire.

Then I heard about Succulent Studios and was completely intrigued by the idea. I’m not usually a fan of monthly subscription boxes, because I think they can contribute to overconsumption. But this one felt different. I wavered about subscribing for some time, but I finally bit the bullet and haven’t looked back.

What Is Succulent Studios?

Succulent Studios is a succulent subscription box that ships baby succulents each month. The Succulent Studios subscription box is fun to receive in the mail at home or give as a gift to a family or friend. It would be a great eco-friendly gift for long-distance family and friends. These baby succulents can provide a dollop of joy and a bit of air-purifying mojo to our busy homes.

I’ve been receiving succulents from Succulent Studio for over a year, and I really like it! I’ve received a variety of succulents that compliment each other well. I love that the plants arrive at my door with information to teach me how to take care of each of the low-maintenance succulents while I slowly grow a collection of really cool and unique plants for my home.

What Do You Receive in A Succulent Studios Subscription Box?

Each monthly box includes two baby succulents along with care instructions and tips for healthy indoor plants. Over the course of my subscription, I’ve never received the same succulent twice. It’s really neat to see how many unique succulents there are!

The baby succulents each come with a care instruction card. I’ve saved each of these cards and created a collection of them. I punch a hole in each card and keep them together on a simple, repurposed binder ring so I can look back for care guidance as needed.

Succulent Studios also has a really helpful blog with lots of articles about caring for your new plants. I’ve referenced these blog posts on many occasions when trying to save overwatered plants or plants stretching for more sun.

Is Succulent Studios An Eco-Friendly Subscription Box?

As far as subscription boxes are concerned, I think Succulent Studios is a great option for someone looking for a more eco-friendly subscription box alternative. The box and almost all the contents are compostable. If you’ve been around the blog for a hot second, you know I’m a big fan of composting and discuss it regularly. While the shipping sticker belongs in the trash, you can reuse the rubber bands that are used to protect the plants during transport. Everything else will grow or feed the soil!

The two baby succulents even come in compostable potting plants. As the succulents grow, you can plant them directly in soil (including the pots), and the pots will break down over time. Further, all plant media and fertilizers used by Succulent Studios during the growing process are organic.

Is Succulent Studios Good For New Gardeners?

Definitely! I knew next to nothing about caring for succulents when I first subscribed. I hoped that, through this subscription, I could slowly learn how to care for indoor house plans.

As you might expect, I killed a handful of the first few baby succulents I received. Some I overwatered while others I gave far too much direct sunlight. Over time, however, I learned the basics of caring for these baby succulents. As of late, I haven’t killed any of the new succulents I received and have even repotted several of the ones that are no longer babies. In short, it seems like this whole learning experiment is working!

Is Succulent Studios Worth It?

I think yes. It’s a bit expensive if you compare the price to small succulents you can buy at big box stores, but it doesn’t really compare apples-to-apples. Most of the big box store products are not organic nor do they offer as much variety from month-to-month.

I also love that the Succulent Studios plants arrive right at my door and they choose what I receive. It makes it easier and way more fun. Most importantly for plant-novices like me, I find the instructions for each plant really helpful! Big box store succulents don’t always include that information.

If you’re a plant lover or even a beginner green thumb looking to learn more about interesting indoor plants and how to care for them, definitely check out Succulent Studios. You can use this referral link for $5 off your first subscription

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