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Looking for a great resource to help you raise responsible global citizens of the future? Check out this book, for which I’m a contributor, called How To Raise a Global Citizen, and grab yourself a copy.

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A globe sitting on top of two copies of the book How to raise a global citizen.

About a year ago, I received an email from a very kind senior editor at DK publishing asking if I wanted to contribute to a book. To give some context, bloggers receive relentless emails daily about writing for and promoting various brands and products for essentially nothing in return.

This predicament around the value of content created by bloggers is a whole discussion for another day. But it resulted in this very legitimate email getting lost among the garbage. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I ignored an email for a great opportunity to work with a global publishing company.

Luckily, this editor followed up with a second email. And with a bit more attention to detail, I didn’t send it to the trash. Alternatively, I read the email several times and wondered whether it could be real. Does this global publishing company really want me to write for them?!

They offered to pay me a fair rate for my work but obviously needed my bank account information to pay me. Is this just a phishing scam to get my bank account information? By this point, imposter syndrome was seriously rearing its ugly head.

Nonetheless, I followed up and agreed to contribute to the project. I still didn’t fully comprehend that this was a real book that would be published by major publishing houses in multiple countries and available for anyone to buy.

Jen holding a copy of the book How to raise a global citizen
Three copies of the book How to raise a global citizen on off white carpet

Over the next couple of months, I worked with this senior editor and the main author and wrote my respective components of the book. I also caught wind that my good friend, Jess Purcell, was a contributor to the book too. Can you believe that two people who talk weekly didn’t connect the dots about our co-authorship until a month or two after the project began? Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

We’re here now though to celebrate the book finally launching to the world. It hit shelves a few weeks ago in the United Kingdom, and we expect it to be available in the United States in early November.

I think you’ll love this book. I know… of course, I’m going to say that. I wrote part of it. But seriously, the publisher brought together seven amazing bloggers from around the world to share their perspectives on how to raise responsible global citizens of the future.

Raising kids is no easy task; it’s not for the faint of heart. But raising kids that are intentionally positive contributors to our communities is even more challenging. I’m not an expert on this, but I shared a few of my ideas in the book. And some smart and insightful people joined me to offer their suggestions as well. Just like life, it takes a village.

It would make my day if you purchased a copy of the book for yourself, checked it out from your local library, or encouraged your librarian to add a copy to their shelves if they haven’t already. Most libraries have a place online to recommend additions to their collections. But even if your library doesn’t have that, you can simply ask your librarian to buy a copy for their shelves.

Have you checked out a copy yet? You can buy it from Bookshop.org or Amazon. You can also get an audiobook version on Libro.fm, my favorite audiobook app. Now, what are you waiting for??!

Thank you! I hope you love it and find some nuggets that work for your family.

A shelf holding four copies of the book How to raise a global citizen and a globe

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