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How To Repurpose Greeting Cards As Upcycled DIY Gift Tags

Do you buy gift wrap or gift tags? Have you ever tried to create your own upcycled DIY gift tags? They’re so easy, save you money, and reduce waste. Read on for an easy trick to turn your old greeting cards into upcycled DIY gift tags. You’ll never buy gift tags again!

About four years ago, I stopped buying gift wrap. I had a few old rolls of decorative gift wrap in the closet. I’m not even sure what occasion from which those old rolls of gift wrap were hanging around, but there they were. Those rolls are finally gone, but they lasted many years.

When we moved into our house two years ago, the contractors left a large roll of kraft brown paper. But for a few presents wrapped in upcycled packaging from online orders or reused gift bags, I’ve wrapped every gift over the last two years in that everlasting roll of brown kraft paper. And I have no plans to ever buy gift wrap again.

Once the brown kraft paper runs out, I have plenty of brown paper from online order package deliveries to keep all my gifts wrapped and ready.

Recently, I started making gift wrap accessories from upcycled materials as well. I’m not one to create ornate gift wrap displays, but I always need something with the recipient’s name on it, at the very least. Kudos to my previous life as a scrapbooker for dropping this idea in my lap.

Made from sturdy cardstock and adorned with lots of great colors and designs, greeting cards make great material for upcycling and decorating. Every scrapbooker knows this! I always feel guilty tossing them in the recycling bin, but I also hate collecting them.

Alas, greeting cards meet paper punch.

Punched Greeting Cards As Gift Tags

I know this seems so obvious. For some reason though, it took me years to stumble on this. It might have something to do with my willingness to simply write the recipient’s name on the brown kraft paper in ugly hotel pen ink, but I’m thrilled to have finally found a better (and much prettier) alternative.

I used a special tag paper punch that I picked up from a big box craft store years ago. You can also cut the tags out with scissors. I punched out a small circle near the top of each tag, using a regular hole punch, to thread the tag through a string around the package.

Voila! So easy. No need to run to the store to buy gift tags or stickers, and less guilt about discarding the greeting cards you receive throughout the year.

I create the tags over time and store them in a small box in my closet. It’s one of the many ways I reuse cardboard boxes in our house instead of throwing them in the recycling bin.

A quick note about creating the tags: Be sure that both sides of the cardstock do not have writing on them. You may be able to incorporate some of the designs into the cards as I did with the stars, but most people don’t care to see bits and pieces of the loving birthday note from your grandmother.

Got any other awesome gift wrap upcycling ideas? Share them in the comments!

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