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Cultural Stories for Kids from Around The World

Looking for a great zero waste gift idea for kids? Consider this series of cultural audio books from a traveling family sharing their adventures with kids around the world.

Headed to the airport with young children? Check out this list of tons of tips for traveling with young kids from a mom of two young boys who regularly travels with the children by herself! Lots of great tips to try, so click through to check them out.

If you’re playroom looks anything like ours, your children probably don’t need any more toys. Our boys don’t have an overwhelming number of toys, but they certainly have plenty. Aside from Legos, which I’ve given a special dispensation from the “abominable toy brigade”, we don’t buy our boys many toys. Yet their collection still seems to grow at a good pace.

No surprise, holidays like Christmas, Hannukah and birthdays often seem to be the culprit of the overflowing toy boxes. Holidays offer an opportunity for endless gift-giving that drives an abundance of well-intended purchases into our homes, often resulting in more clutter and more stress.

Before being berated for being a cynical and unappreciative grinch, rest assured I more than appreciate the generosity of gift-giving family and friends. I know that every gift is offered with only the best of intentions.

I’ve been pretty open with family about a desire for fewer traditional toys and more consumable or educational options that don’t necessarily drown my boys in piles of plastic. Much to their credit, they’ve generally appeased my requests (and for that, I’m very grateful).

Now that I’ve laid out the disclaimers, I wanted to share a zero waste gift idea that I think is great for children of a wide range of ages.

I recently discovered a collection of audio books designed for kids called Around The World Stories that I think would make a really awesome gift for so many children. Written by a family with three children of their own, Tania and Matt are currently traveling around Europe with their daughters experiencing the myriad cultures the continent has to offer. As weeks pass, they write and share new stories highlighting their current company and locale.

Around the World Stories subscribers receive a new story each week to hear about an engaging account and insight into another culture from around the world. How cool, right?

Being not exactly the biggest fan of clutter, I love that the audio books don’t require yet another bookshelf in our playroom or the boys’ bedroom. Not too many gifts adhere to a zero waste initiative more than this series of audio books.

I also like that we can take the audio books in the car. You can download the books from the site onto your computer or into your iTunes library. To and from school, I often turn on a story for the boys. This seems to be calming for them, especially on the way home after a long and engaging day with teachers and friends.

Lastly, it’s great to support a small family business with our holiday purchases instead of limiting our cash outflow to a small number of big box stores. Be sure to check out Around the World Stories for the little ones in your life. (It can even be a last minute gift idea for the procrastinators in the crowd.)

Heads Up: Around the World Stories provided me a free package of stories to try so I could be sure they were great before recommending to them readers. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Honestly Modern.

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