Real Life Low Waste Meal Planning | July 13

Quarantine is letting up a bit and some modified version of sports are returning to our calendars. Sports are the center of our world in “normal times” so it’s a pretty big deal that we finally have practices and games again. 

This week, we had several nights of baseball and afternoons of hockey, so dinner plans worked around those activities. Here’s what we had for dinner while we did our best to reduce food waste and trash production. 



  • Tacos
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumber with hummus (leftover from last week)

Sometimes the easiest way to add fruits and veggies to a meal is just to toss them on the table. Hummus, watermelon, and tacos aren’t a natural combination. But they all tasted pretty good to me and we used up the remaining half of a cucumber as well as most of the giant watermelon I wasn’t sure we would finish. 


  • Order sushi




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