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How We Use Our Library | Online Art Classes

Libraries are ever-changing and have become much more than dusty book warehouses. Given the depth and breadth of resources and programs at local libraries, your local library probably has a heck of a lot more than books waiting for you!

We love checking out books from the library but also appreciate all the other benefits our local library offers. This post is part of a series about how our family uses the library beyond books. #LibrariesAreMoreThanBooks

Our local library is open again after being closed entirely for a couple of months. I’m so glad they’re open. 

They are not open for browsing, but we can request books for curbside pickup. There are no live programs. However, I was excited to see that they have some online programs for the annual summer enrichment program.

Last week, my younger son participated in an online art class. A few days before the class, we picked up the supplies he would otherwise have received during the in-person class. At class time, he signed into Zoom and followed the instructions to create a painting of a king along with the teacher.

He’s always asking me to do art projects, and I’m not much of an “art project mom”, so it was perfect to have the library give us the supplies and let the teacher lead him through the artistic process. 

Many libraries do so much more than lend books. They have storytimes for kids and book clubs for adults. Our library has a Storywalk and Park Packs to connect reading and learning with nature. 

We check out lots of books from our library, but we use it in many other ways as well. Check out all the other ways we’ve used our local library for educational enrichment, exploration, and participation in community events.

How do you use your library? I’d love to hear in the comments about all the cool things your library offers and ways they build community in your neighborhood. 

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