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Low Waste Weekly Meal Plan | Week of June 1

Looking for some low waste meal planning ideas? Ideas that you can really try at home with kids, and jobs, and whatever else life throws in your direction? 

I don’t have a magic potion to make all your family dinner dreams come true, but I can share with you the low-waste inspired meals we eat each week. Hopefully, they can be a bit of inspiration to you and your family to meet at the table, eat together, and reduce waste in the process. 

As a quick reminder, our meals aren’t zero waste. We practice zero waste habits in our home. But I believe “zero waste” is a set of guiding principles that informs decisions we make each day and not a hard and fast rule to limit our trash to a mason jar at any expense

With that, here is what we had for dinner last week with a few quick notes about how we try to reduce waste in real life at mealtime. 


  • Tacos



  • Chickpea & Sausage Skillet – Chicken sausage, chickpeas, goat cheese, peppers and carrots (seasoned) sauteed in a cast iron skillet. The recipe is from One Pan and Done by Molly Gilbert.


  • Chicken Pot Pie – Ordered from a local service that delivers various grocery items from local makers, growers, and artisans in the surrounding area


  • Filet – using this recipe from Kayla of Parsley and Pepper – We have filet about once or twice a year, and I ordered these from a local organic farm in our region. I can’t wait to make them!
  • Popovers
  • Green beans – my boys LOVE these sauteed with a bit of salt and pepper
  • Kale Caesar salad – twice in one week to make sure we don’t waste the kale


  • Homemade naan pizzas, using this pizza sauce (from our freezer) – sometimes we just use store-bought pasta sauce or pizza sauce, depending on what needs to be used up


  • Leftovers (or take out if we’re feeling ambitious)


  • Homemade apple chips – we have a dehydrator, but store-bought chips are just fine if that is what is more accessible for you
  • Granola balls
  • Cheese & Crackers
  • Goldfish – yep! Not low waste at all, but my boys love them. It’s all about balance. 
  • Salted, Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookies – we have some leftover after making them for a family birthday party this past weekend. No doubt, they won’t last long!

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