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FREE Kids’ Valentine’s Card Printables

Looking for an eco-friendly kid’s valentine’s card idea? Check out these free valentine’s day card printables your kids can share with their classmates or friends!

As a kid, I remember heading out to Target in early February each year to pick out our box of Valentine’s cards to share with our classmates. In our house, there’s a high likelihood we snuck into Target just before they closed for the night a day or two before the school Valentine’s party, and we finished preparing the cards just under the wire.

Do you remember trying to write on those things? That slippery, coated cardstock didn’t take pencil lead or crayon markings. You had to push really hard with a pen and cross your fingers that it would work. And a marker – forget about – that just ended up rubbing off all over your hand. What’s the deal with those cards?

This year, we’ve got a better solution for you. It’s free. It doesn’t require a trip to the store. It’s easy to write on. And it’s compostable (or recyclable if your kiddos’ classmates don’t have access to composting). Check out our FREE kids’ Valentine’s Day card printables. You can use them for whatever you’d like, but they are perfect for school Valentine’s card exchanges.

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Over the weekend, my boys printed, cut, and signed these notes for their classmates. They each chose one design for all their classmates, but you can mix them up too if you’d like. We also made DIY heart crayons to go along with their Valentine’s cards.

My older son chose to put the note and the crayon inside the bag while my younger son preferred to tape his card to the outside of the bag. Both are great!

If you’re looking for a free, low-waste kids’ Valentine card option, drop your email in the form below, and we’ll send the printable with the whole collection of cards right to your inbox! We hope you love them.

And if you do use them, we’d love to see them in your home. Share on social media and tag @honestlymodern so we can see your final product!

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