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The Greener Way to Search For the Perfect Gift

It can feel like a tall order to find perfect gifts for those around you, especially around the holidays. If you have ambitions of buying socially-conscious gifts for your friends and family, you might have to dig even deeper to find just the right gift for every deserving girl and boy on your list. Search with Ecosia to save some green and plant some green on your holiday shopping journey.

Thanks to Ecosia for sponsoring this post and supporting reforestation around the globe.

Black Friday isn’t really my thing. I don’t love the crowds, and I don’t tend to buy the things that are on deep discount.

I do, however, love finding just the right gift for each person on my holiday list. I like conjuring up the perfect gift each person will love but might not have thought of for themselves. I keep a running list of ideas on my phone throughout the year that’s a godsend when my brain is buried in holiday festivities. I also spend time meandering through internet search results of socially conscious gift ideas, hoping to find a few seeds that plant ideas in my head about what to buy.

Whether you’re a Black Friday buff, an online shopping sage, or a bumbling, last-minute, throw-it-in-the-cart shopper, we know the internet is full of great deals and ideas to guide our holiday gift curation.

What if all of our stumbling searches or skillful sleuthing (as the case may be) could not only unearth a lush forest of great deals and socially-conscious steals but also create new forests of real trees for Mother Earth?

My Online Searches Can Help Plant Trees?

I suspect you see where I’m going with this; this isn’t all hypothetical propositions. Ecosia, a search engine and certified B Corporation, dedicates 80% of their profits to reforestation in areas around the world that are in desperate need of new trees.

Unfortunately, we’re seeing abundant deforestation around the world. Trees help regulate climate change and protect against natural disasters. They absorb CO2 and reduce green house gas emissions. Trees nourish environments, communities and people in all corners of the world. Flourishing trees are vital to the future of our planet.

Like many search engines, Ecosia earns ad revenue when users click on promoted search results. Ecosia uses a large portion of the ad revenue to fund tree planting projects around the world.

Does Ecosia Work As Well As Other Search Engineers?

I’ve been using Ecosia for several weeks now to ensure it provided suitable search results. I’ve even performed several searches in Ecosia and other search engines to compare results, and I’ve been more than happy with the output from Ecosia.

Each search engine uses different algorithms, so results weren’t the same, but neither set of search results seemed consistently more favorable than the other.

How Do I Use Ecosia?

Using Ecosia is really easy. Head to their home page and, from the menu drop down on the top right of the page, choose the option to make Ecosia your default search. You may need to install a browser extension. But no matter what computer you use, it’s a piece of cake!

It took me less than ten seconds to set Ecosia as my default search engine, and my searches have funded the planting of 125 trees (according to their counter) in just the few weeks since I started using it.

To date, Ecosia profits have funded planting of more than 15,000,000 new trees around the world… and counting!

Help Ecosia Plant Trees With Holiday Spending

As we embark on the holding season, many of us will spend countless hours online shopping for gifts for everyone on our lists. Before you search, be sure to install the Ecosia browser extension and set Ecosia as your homepage to stretch your holiday dollars a little farther. With less than ten seconds of additional effort to set up Ecosia as your default search function, your holiday shopping energy will help fund tree planting in areas around the world in desperate need of new vegetation.

Spreading holiday cheer doesn’t get much easier than this!

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