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7 Perfect Gift Ideas for New Moms That Keep On Giving

Want a unique gift idea for a new mom in your life? Prefer a unique or extra special baby shower gift? Consider these 7 gift ideas for new parents, for various budgets, that keep on giving long after the day they are received. 

Looking for the perfect gift for a new mom in your life? Consider one of these 7 gift ideas that keep on giving long after she receives them.

As a mom of two young boys (and I’m sure other moms would agree), most new moms filling up baby registries don’t have a clue what they need for their new baby and their new life.

Pregnant with my first son, I hadn’t the faintest idea what I would need (and I have four younger sisters, so I was no rookie at helping care for babies). I recall walking into the big box baby store and being handed a laundry list of crap the store determined I would need. Some of it was great. Most of it, I came to learn, was a giant marketing ploy.

Over the last several years, I’ve watched many friends fill baby registries with things they’ll rarely use and never need. A while back, I put together a list of perfect baby shower gifts new moms definitely wouldn’t have on their registry, and it continues to be one of my most popular posts.

While I’m generally not a fan of gift guides or subscription services, I think there’s a time and place for everything. I also believe that the holidays are a great time to share really useful and thoughtful gifts. I promise this ‘gift guide for new moms’ isn’t full of slippers, candles, scarves, and baby blankets. I know just about every mom has enough of those.

Instead, consider these seven gifts that every new mom will be thrilled to receive. Even better, all of these gifts keep on giving long after the holidays.

7 Perfect Gift Ideas for New Moms That Keep On Giving

Subscription to MightyNest ~ With a new baby in the house, many moms place a renewed focus on organic, healthy and sustainable products in their house. Consider gifting your new mom friend a subscription to MightyNest. Once a month, she receives a new product to help her live a more eco-friendly and sustainable life.

I’ve been a MightyNest subscriber for about six months, and to date, I’ve received things including eco-friendly dish cloths, wool dryer balls, and beeswax wrap. Each monthly package also comes with a food or DIY recipe to accompany the month’s product. At only $10/month, it’s a really affordable way to experience new ways to live more sustainably, as a new mom learns more over time about keeping her baby healthy.

Hello Fresh ~ During the few first months of having a new baby in the house, getting a good meal on the table is no easy feat. It’s hard enough to make time for meal planning and even harder to get to the grocery store. Hello Fresh takes much of the work out of putting healthy, fresh food in the fridge and meal on the table.

Your new mom friend will still need to find 30 minutes (maybe during nap time) to make dinner. But having all the ingredients measured and on hand makes healthy eating so much easier.

EcoCentric Mom ~ This subscription service (which also sells individual boxes) introduces new moms to non-toxic healthy products perfect for new babies and new moms. They offer three different types of boxes for moms-to-be, brand new moms, and veteran moms that are beyond the newborn stage. I don’t often subscribe to shopping like this. But I do think it’s a really fun gift, especially for a mom who’s interested in learning more about sustainable and healthier everyday products.

Amazon Family Subscription ~ If you’re not sure exactly what they want, give your new mom friend a year of 20% off diapers and many other baby products. They’ll also get a year of all the benefits of Amazon Prime, like free 2-day shipping, anytime they place orders. Not only can you effectively cover shipping expenses for the entire year for their Amazon purchases, but you’ve given them great convenience to quickly order items from their kitchen that come right to their home. Newborn babies spend a lot of time sleeping and can make getting out the of house particularly tough. Just about any mom will love the convenience of Amazon Prime.

Mabel’s Labels ~ Especially if the baby is going to daycare, pre-made labels are so nice! At daycare, everything from bottles and clothes to shoes and jackets need labels. Having a set of labels to quickly attach to the baby’s gear is really convenient.

Diaper Delivery Subscription ~ After finding out what type of diapers the new mom plans to use, consider signing her up for a diaper delivery subscription for a set amount of time (depending on what fits in your budget). If she plans to use disposable diapers, you could set up a subscription service through Amazon, for example. Just be sure to change the diaper size over time, as the baby will quickly outgrow newborn, size 1 and size 2 diapers. At least with my two boys, they seemed to stay in size 3 diapers for a while.

If she plans to use cloth diapers, you could purchase a few instead. They may seem boring compared to some of the fancy toys and gadgets on her registry, but they’ll be so much more useful. These BumGenius cloth diapers are very popular (just be sure to note what size you’re buying). Alternatively, your new mom friend may also already know what type of cloth diaper she wants to use, so be sure to ask.

Lil’ Bear Book Club ~ So many of my friends and I love reading to our kids. It’s such a great time to cuddle up together and spend some peaceful, relaxing time together. A lot of baby books, however, are so boring, especially after having read them two dozen times.

Consider a subscription to a periodic book club like Lil’ Bear Book Club. The company reviews tons of books, so they’re bound to send some of the best to subscribers.

I suspect you won’t find any of these gift requests on most baby registries. But after having two babies in the last few years, I know I would have really appreciated them far more than so many of the things that ended up on our “wish list.”

If you have any other gift ideas for new moms that keep on giving long after they are received, I’d love to hear in the comments.

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