Hitting Up a Wilmington Blue Rocks Game Complete with Legos

Looking for a fun family activity that is laid back and won’t break the bank? Check out a minor league baseball game in your area. It might just do the trick. 

Do you have any favorite family activities? We enjoy attending sports game (big surprise for a family that plays a lot of sports), but professional games are expensive, crowded and involve lots of traffic.

Growing up, my family and I attended many major league games, but we also attended lots of minor league games. Now that I’m a parent, I really think minor league games are where it’s at for families with young kids.

The games may not be loaded with idols and superstars, but there are lots of activities and entertainment in between innings and around the concourse to keep children entertained. Admittedly, baseball games are pretty long (even for adults).

Last week, we attended a Wilmington Blue Rocks minor league baseball game. We had been planning to grab tickets at some point in the summer, so I was stoked when Legoland invited us to attend.

The boys might have spent more time playing with Legos at the table on the concourse or doing the activities in the inflatable zone than actually watching the game, but I think that’s one of the things that’s so great about minor league games. They have plenty of other activities besides the game itself to keep young children engaged throughout the game.

My boys love playing with Legos, and they dream up all sorts of creations. The Legoland Discovery Center Philadelphia master builder, Mike, attended the game and helped my boys build a really neat oar boat and a detailed baseball stadium. He even showed the boys new ways to use Legos that I’d never seen before.

Do you see the lights on the stadium and the sail flying above the boat? Did you know that Lego plates can stand upright? I had no idea, and the boys were pumped to learn a new Lego trick.

Minor league stadiums aren’t very large which is great. The crowds aren’t overwhelming, and the boys had plenty of space to play with the Legos at the Lego table. They didn’t have to fight for space to build their creations. For us, it was pretty much the perfect night to attend a baseball game and beautiful weather didn’t hurt.

If you’ve been following around here for a while you know my boys love sports. They also love reading books about sports and learning through all sorts of creative activities related to sports.

I know there are plenty of other little other children with similar passions, so I’m starting a new site and ultimately a podcast all about creative learning for kids who love sports. Today, I’m sharing 10 tips to enjoy a minor league baseball game with your family and why it might be better than Major League games for those of us with young children.

Be sure to go check out the post, and thanks to Legoland Discovery Center Philadelphia for hosting us at the Wilmington Blue Rocks baseball game.

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