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All about the Food and Herb Growers Summit. Join me!

Do you want access to lots of free educational resources about growing your own food and herbs (no matter the size of your garden)? Check out the Food and Herb Growers Summit online this February 5 – 7, 2024! I’ll be presenting about home composting (of course!).

In passing decades, we’ve become entirely disconnected from our food, so much so that many kids (and adults) don’t have a clue where our food comes from. We don’t know how it starts, where it comes from, the labor and resources that go into growing and transporting it, or even what it looks like before it hits supermarket shelves.

That might not seem like a big deal, but it’s at the root of many of the structural disconnections that have completely broken our food system. Without appreciation or understanding of our food’s origins, we waste it and trash the land on which it’s grown. And it’s coming around to haunt us and our health.

Get started wherever you’re at

When we moved into our current home, which has enough space for a garden, I started growing just a bit of our food and tending to the soil. I knew nothing at the time about gardening. And I’m no expert gardener now. But I’ve become a bit of a composting nerd (as you likely know).

I’m taking that composting knowledge and experience to the Food and Herb Grower’s Summit, a free 3-day online event to help home gardeners grow more food for a happier, healthier life! As you can guess, I’ll be presenting about how we can make composting easier to create soil amendment right in the garden with our food and yard waste (without breaking our backs or the bank).

Small gardens or container gardens are great

If you don’t have time to grow an assortment of food for your family, I totally get it. We grow only a very tiny portion of the food we eat. We get the rest of it from the grocery store, farmers’ markets, and rescued food companies.

Growing food for us is about understanding the food cycle and soil health, slowing down to appreciate where our food comes from, and learning a few skills about food production so we can use them in the future if we need them.

Maybe your garden is just a container or two of small tomatoes, perennial flowers, or one raised bed of your favorite peppers and herbs. Do what works for you!

A little planning goes a long way

Small garden or large, having a solid plan is really helpful (just like anything in life). With a handful of raised beds in my garden, I like to draw out my plan with paper and pencil as I decide which seeds to buy and seedlings to start growing before the weather turns. And there are lots of ways a little planning can make growing a garden so much easier and more sustainable.

The Food and Herb Growers Summit includes a variety of gardening experts and advocates who will share ideas about all sorts of home gardening topics, including tips to more efficiently and effectively plan your garden for the best success.

Sustainable garden tips can’t be ignored

And of course, I wouldn’t be talking about gardening without prioritizing how we can make our gardens better for our bodies and the planet. Along with my presentation on composting, you’ll have opportunities to learn about garden planning and record keeping, soil-building tips and tricks, companion planting, how to choose the best seeds, and so much more. 

What is the Food and Herb Growers Summit?

You can get all the details about the Food & Herb Growers Summit over here, but as a quick overview: 

  • The Food & Herb Grower’s Summit will run February 5-7, 2024.
  • Each day will be packed with amazing speakers ready to help you improve your gardening skills, grow more healthy food & herbs, and do it all in the time and space you have!
  • We’ve got a pop-up Facebook group where you can connect with other gardeners, ask the speakers questions, win prizes, and more! 
  • The summit is free to attend, and you can choose to grab the All-Access Pass for bonus resources and an upgraded event experience. 

The All-Access pass is currently available at a special price, and it will disappear for good once the summit is over, so start thinking about it now! You’ll get all the details and a special offer once you grab your free ticket to the Food & Herb Growers Summit.

Learn more about the Food & Herb Growers Summit, and grab your free ticket here!

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you sign up and find it helpful as we head into another season of sunny growing.

Jen Panaro

Jen Panaro, founder and editor-in-chief of Honestly Modern, is a self-proclaimed composting nerd and advocate for sustainable living for modern families. To find her latest work, subscribe to her newsletter, Sage Neighbor.

In her spare time, she’s a serial library book borrower, a messy gardener, and a mom of two boys who spends a lot of time in hockey rinks and on baseball fields.

You can find more of her work at Raising Global Kidizens, an online space to help parents and caregivers raise the next generation of responsible global citizens.

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