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5 Fun Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Activities for Kids

Simple summer fun is the best! Grab a bucket of sidewalk chalk, soak up some sun with your kids, and try out this array of great sidewalk chalk games and activities just about any kid will love.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve curated quite the collection of sidewalk chalk, mostly received as gifts. It now resides on a shelf in our garage and the boys regularly use it to turn our driveway into something far more interesting than a slab of black asphalt. 

Summer is upon us in many parts of the world, so it’s a perfect time to look outdoors for fun and easy family activities. If you have just a tiny bit of sidewalk or driveway space in your yard or at the park, grab a few pieces of sidewalk chalk and have a blast. 

5 Fun Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Activities for Kids

Classic Hopscotch

Do you remember playing hopscotch as a kid? It should definitely be added to the arsenal of giant versions of classic games like Jenga and Connect Four that adults now play at bars and social gatherings.

Let your little ones draw up their own version of the ten squares ready for hopping and skipping. Grab a couple of rocks, and teach them the game we all played as kids on the playground. 


Let your and your children’s imagination run wild with all the sidewalk chalk colors of the rainbow. Sidewalk chalk drawings bring joy to the artist but also bring a smile to the faces of just about every passerby. Who doesn’t light up as they step over a perfect rendition of a rainbow and bright sun handcrafted by a three-year-old?

Sidewalk chalk is also a cinch to clean up. When your little ones cover their tanks and shorts in chalk, just toss the summer clothes in the wash and they’ll be clean as new. 

Sports Games

We play a lot of sports in our house. The boys always have plans for another game of baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, and more. They frequently use our sidewalk chalk to turn our driveway into a court, field or arena. We have even created running tracks and obstacle courses. 

Board Games

Create your own board for a game like checkers, chess, tic tac toe, or even Connect Four. Draw the Connect Four board flat on the ground and use rocks to mark spaces. The kids can color the rocks to signify each player’s pieces. 

Recently, we played Dots and Lines. To play this game, set up a square of dots that is about ten dots wide by ten dots tall (though any size will work). Each player gets to draw one line and pass the turn to the other player, unless they close a box. If they close a box, they get to draw another line, and this continues until this player draws a line without completing a box. The player who completes the most boxes when the board is full of lines wins. 

Obstacle Courses

Draw a course to follow giving instructions along the way for hoping, running, and jumping. You could even add actions like cartwheels or somersaults as well as accessories such as hula hoops and jumps ropes. 

Does your family use sidewalk chalk? How does sidewalk chalk elevate your summer? 

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