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Causebox Making Ethical and Sustainable Goods More Affordable

Causebox is an ethical and sustainable subscription box helping to broaden the market for high-quality, consciously-curated goods. Their annual membership offers full-size ethical and sustainable products for discounted prices. Read on for more about Causebox and whether or not it might be right for you. Get $10 off your first box with this referral link if you’re interested!

A couple of weeks ago, I walked into an attorney’s office with whom we were working to finalize our will and a few other estate planning matters. As we entered the sitting area to wait for her, I noticed a cool and very familiar gold lantern sitting on a shelf. 

A few minutes later, we sat down at a table with her to begin our discussion and I said, “Do you have a Causebox subscription?” Wouldn’t you know, she did. We had both received the fair trade, gold candle-holding lanterns in our most recent Causebox. 

Have you ever heard of Causebox? If not, Causebox is a subscription box focused on high-quality and useful ethical and sustainable goods. Each quarter, for about $50 per quarter, members receive a seasonal Causebox with over $200 worth of full size, high-quality products. 

Causebox is a B corporation, meaning they prioritize their impact on people and communities just as much as profit. Causebox sources all of the items in their seasonal boxes from artisans around the world who work for fair wages and, in many cases, are building independent businesses to support their families.

I’ve seen many companies that sell ethical and sustainable goods, especially those that seek to support fair wages for artisans around the world. I don’t often buy items from these companies, however, because many of them don’t fit my style or are not things I would use. I have little interest in purchasing goods for the sake of consumption. Consumption alone will not solve poverty, inequality, or our environmental woes. 

Causebox, however, curates boxes filled with really high-quality items that I use in my home. Each quarter, they offer an opportunity to customize the box by choosing certain items from pre-selected collections. I’ve found that this selection process really helps ensure the items I receive are useful and suit my taste.

Members also receive an opportunity to purchase add-on items from the Causebox Market. These ethical and sustainable goods are sold at significant reductions to their retail values. There are often hundreds of items available, so it’s a great opportunity to find something you might otherwise need from an ethical and sustainable vendor at a fair price.

Each Causebox also includes a small magazine in the box with stories about the artisans and more information about why each of the items is ethical and sustainable. It’s a very well done mini-magazine that helps Causebox members connect with the items they receive each quarter and the artisans who make those items.

Causebox As A Gift

A Causebox subscription would be a really amazing gift for someone who prioritizes sustainable and ethical living or someone who simply loves high-quality accessories, beauty products, and other home goods. 

At around $200 per year, an annual subscription may be more than you were planning to spend on any particular gift recipient. If so, a personal subscription to Causebox could also be a great way to gather affordable and sustainable gifts for others.

Each item in the Causebox is a full size, individually packaged piece. Thus, you could gift individual items from a Causebox. Each box contains about 6 to 8 items for roughly $50, so that could be a really great way to gather gifts for 6 to 8 family or friends at a relatively affordable price.

I’m sometimes a little leery of subscription boxes. I fear they encourage unnecessary consumption. With Causebox, however, I think there’s a high probability that many people would truly use just about all of the items they receive in the box. And even if something isn’t particularly of their taste, all the items are really wonderful and would make great gifts for others.

If you haven’t tried Causebox, go check out their site. They share a bunch of information about their mission, their values, and the products they curate each quarter for their members.

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