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Refashioned Maxi Dress ~ Teacher Style

As you know, I’m not a teacher. And while I would LOVE summer break, I don’t think my personality is cut out for such demanding and exhausting work. My own two little boys fully utilize my capacity for both loving and enduring children. Instead, I sit at a desk all day mastering Microsoft Excel and battling my constantly growing email inbox. (Wow… that sounds like a lovely and fulfilling trade-off. I guess we can’t win ’em all.)
One of my sisters is a teacher and starts a new job soon as a special education teacher. She recently celebrated a birthday and, as part of her gift, I made her this refashioned maxi dress. She and I both agreed that, under a cardigan or blazer, it would be perfect for looking professional for the classroom yet remaining comfortable enough to work all day with energetic and exhausting students. And without the cardigan, this could be great casual weekend wear. 
Before giving this dress to her, I snapped a few photos so I could share it with you. The tutorial will rock this blog’s world next week. (Ok, maybe not rock its world, but at least make an appearance…)

Here’s a quick photo of the dress without the belt. It could be worn this way, but I felt like the belt added a nice finishing touch. 

Dress – self-made, refashioned; Belt – thrifted via Savers; 
Cardigan – Banana Republic

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