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Fusion of Fashion and Function with Namakan Fur (Faux Of Course)

Fashion meets function with this faux-fur ruff from Namakan Fur that adds warmth to any jacket along with a touch of unique style. Made in the USA and brought to life by an all-female entrepreneurship team to boot.

Back in my childhood stomping grounds of Minnesota, which I affectionately call The Tundra, they’re still in the throws of winter. With a long and cold winter embarking on the area every year, it was only too appropriate that a friend of mine (since elementary school) dreamed up Namakan Fur, a company that makes their faux-fur products in the US and strives to keep us all toasty warm no matter the temperature.

Last fall, she brought her dreams to life with a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $30,000 to start the company. Can you believe that? $30k??! All while she and her two co-founders maintained full-time careers.

The campaign launched with their first product, a removable faux fur ruff that, using magnets, attaches to the hood or collar of just about any coat or jacket. When you’re ready to wear something else, snap it off and move it to your next coat or jacket.

Not only a stylish addition, the fur adds warmth and protection from the wind, something I knew all too well in a Chicago (no matter what time it year it was). #GrumpyFace

Just a couple weeks ago, I received my Namakan Fur ruff and snapped it onto my hood (in all of about 15 seconds). I totally love it! It’s soft and really great quality. Spring is in the air for some of us, but I know the hometown team back in Minnesota won’t be in the thick of “May flowers” at least until June…

Soon, Namakan Fur will be expanding their flagship product to include two new colors: oxblood and olive. Never seen an oxblood or olive ruff on a coat, right? Start the trend!

They’re an all female-owned start up with a load of passion and a great product. Be sure to go check them out.

And if you’re feeling so inclined, you can read more about the dreamer / founder / entrepreneur who started the company. I bragged about her before when she whipped out her woodworking skills and made our boys an easel (because she does that too – no biggie).

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