Independently Designed Holiday Cards Without A Fuss

Looking for a quick and simple yet sophisticated holiday cards for this season? Check out Minted


With each passing year, I’ve felt a bit more inclined to be festive around the holidays. I’ve never been one to go big for any holiday or birthday (something I owe to my parents and sisters, who are much the same). But in recent years, I’ve come to appreciate some of the classic holiday traditions, the most notable being exchange of holiday cards.

M and I didn’t send holiday cards before having kids, so T’s first holiday season was also the first year we sent a card to friends and family.

My minimalist side struggled with holiday cards. I contemplated paperless alternatives. I considered foregoing altogether the “extra and unnecessary” project on my to-do list. I wavered about the expense. Did I really need one more thing on my checklist during an already busy time of year?

We skipped holiday cards for T’s second year as I weighed my ambivalence.

That second year, more and more holiday cards from our friends arrived in our mailbox. M and I really enjoyed opening them up, seeing pictures of our friends and their families, and admiring our display of cards almost every evening throughout the season. Some nights, after T went to sleep, we stood next to each other perusing through the cards and reminisced about stories with each of those friends.

Even though we saw Facebook updates and Instagram posts about these same people throughout the year, they weren’t the same. We still really liked the special aspect of a collection of festive cards that retold stories from throughout the last year from people we cared about.

Just a few days before Christmas that year (when it was too late for us to pull something together), I committed to sending out holiday cards every year going forward even if it meant one more task to cross of my list, an additional expense in our budget, and it didn’t entirely align with minimalist principles. I wasn’t trying to be a pure minimalist, and I liked receiving the cards too much to give up doing one for our own family. Creating and sending holiday cards was totally worth it for me.

This past weekend, I put together our holiday card with Minted and loved our simple, classic holiday design. To compromise with my minimalist and zero waste intentions, I opted for postcards instead of traditional cards with envelopes. Not only did it reduce paper consumption (without sacrificing the sentimental aspect of sharing a piece of our year with family and friends), but we also saved a bit of money on the postage. To help keep the process stress-free, I uploaded our recipient list into Minted and they printed all the addresses for us (for free for a limited time!), making the whole process a thousand times easier and faster. It felt like a big win all around.

Minted has so many really great options, all designed by independent designers. We have multiple faiths among our family and friends, so we chose non-religious holiday cards. Also, I knew I wanted a minimalist or modern design. Minted has lots of filters to help focus the search.


I narrowed it down to 4 alternatives: a simple Happiest of All Holidays, this Colorful Joy Peace Love Hope postcard, this Most Simple design, and this foil-pressed Frosted Corners postcard. Using Minted’s Find It Fast functionality made the process a whole lot easier and quicker because I could see how our photo fit into the design. This was definitely a game changer in making for a good experience.


I can’t wait to get them and will share them with you when they arrive. Aren’t simple pleasures, like little holiday cards, the best?

I suspect some of you might be in the market for beautiful holiday cards as well. I’m pumped to be teaming up with Minted. Head over to Minted to check out their selection of really great holiday cards. Then be sure to share them with all your friends and family. I can tell you from own experience that we really appreciate receiving them.

Heads Up: This post was sponsored by Minted. They provided free product to me in exchange for sharing my experience with you. My opinions are all my own and were neither directed nor influenced by Minted. I only share about products I believe in and feel are consistent with the blog and my values. I hope you find something perfect for your family as well!


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