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Our Holiday Cards from Minted Arrived

Looking for a simple and sophisticated holiday card this year? Check out Minted, which offers hundreds of options designed by independent artists.


Our holiday cards from Minted arrived over weekend, and I must admit I’m pretty pumped about it. We have a handful of cards to address for friends who recently moved (but whose addresses I’ve thus far been too lazy to request). For all the addresses I did have in my contacts folder tough, I uploaded them in Minted and they printed them for free (so great, right?).

Unlike last year, when we had professional pictures taken, we opted for a snapshot taken by family at a wedding we attended a couple months ago. To say we chose this photo is probably generous considering it is the only family photo we’ve taken in over a year (since those professional photos?!). So… we didn’t actually have a choice if we wanted to send a holiday card that included all four of us. #CameraMomFail

For all the photos I take of my boys, I have very few of them together and fewer of them with M. I almost never sneak out from behind the camera myself.

Here’s to the Happiest of Holidays and a great new year, hopefully filled with a few more candid family shots. Wouldn’t that be nice…

addressing-holiday-cards-from-minted holiday-cards-from-minted-up-close addressing-holiday-cards-from-minted-2

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.