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Holiday Baking with My Boys

T and I love to cook together. And we’re pretty much obsessed with baking together. I gave you a few pointers about successfully having a two year old as a sous chef a few weeks back.

We don’t bake as often as we’d like due both to lack of time and also the need to keep endless junk out of the house for our health’s sake. But I did enjoy throwing together a few quick treats for his daycare teachers for the holidays.

We made chocolate dipped pretzels (super easy) and frosted sugar cookies and packaged them up in little holiday buckets.

For the pretzels, I just melted chocolate and white chocolate chips in a double boiler (in separate batches). Pro chocolatiers may add extra ingredients to the chocolate, but this worked perfectly for us. Finish them off with some festive sprinkles, let them harden in your fridge for a bit, and you’re done.

We followed this recipe for the sugar cookies and then frosted them with a simple icing recipe from the Domino powdered sugar box and those same festive sprinkles that found their way onto the pretzels.

I have made and love these chocolate and powdered sugar cookies in the past and think they’re great for the holidays and easy for two year old hands to help prepare. And I have been intrigued by these cute little marshmallow treats, though they have yet to pass through my kitchen.

Are you making any treats for the holidays? What’s on your baking menu? Share in the comments! I’d love to hear.

Not ‘Pinterest-worthy’ but definitely ‘eating-worthy,’ and that’s all that mattered.

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