Schoolwork Schedule for Learning At Home

With so many of us educating our kiddos from home, we definitely need some systems. Here is a simple schoolwork schedule to stay organized and complete each day’s assignments.

Like so many around the world whose lives have taken an interesting turn due to the spread of coronavirus, today is our first day of transitioning to a ‘school at home’ schedule. Our boys attend the local public school, and the teachers and district have been fantastic about helping parents prepare to teach our children from home.

The school sent home packets for work and have been communicating via email, Zoom meetings, and more to work together so our children can continue to learn despite social distancing. They even sent the buses around the normal bus route this morning to drop off additional work packets that the teachers hadn’t yet prepared by last Thursday afternoon when the boys last attended class.

Last night, I moved a bedside table down to our kitchen to act as a homework and laptop center. I knew I would go nuts having all the school and work materials aimlessly hanging around our countertops and kitchen table. All the things needed a home for the time being.

This morning, it took me about a hot second to realize I needed a homework chart. Each day, the boys’ teachers email us a series of assignments. My older son will be able to complete most of these on his own, but he needed a list of tasks to follow.

Instead of writing out an ad hoc list each day, I created this simple chart in Canva for our family. It’s nothing fancy, but I wanted to share it with all of you so you could easily download it, print it and use it for your families if you felt it would be helpful.

It’s not much, but hopefully, it helps a little (and I already did it for our family, so why not share with all of you)!

P.S. I have to give a shout out to my mother-in-law who is helping the boys work through their assignments (as we speak, and probably several more times throughout the next couple of weeks… or more??). She’s a rockstar at this type of stuff!

Lean into your strengths, and help out where you can. Don’t forget to thank the helpers in your life!

Stay healthy!

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