Easy Slow Cooker Barbacoa for a Simple Weekly Meal Plan

Here’s a simple and easy sweet and spicy pulled pork recipe that makes a great and versatile addition to your weekly family meal plan. 

Getting fresh and healthy food on the table during the week is no easy feat for any family. For us, the only prayer we have of regular family dinners hinges on making a meal plan each weekend for the upcoming week.

It’s hard to plan around late nights at work or days we really just don’t feel like eating what’s on the ‘menu’, so I always try to include at least one versatile protein dish in the rotation that can be eaten in a tortilla, on a salad, or even on a pizza. One of our family favorites are meatballs which end up being eaten in all sorts of combinations.

This past week, I made sweet and spicy pulled pork in the slow cooker that ended up filling the bill for lunch for several days. It’s a quick and easy recipe that’s also pretty healthy. Always a win in our book.

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