11 Goals For the New Year in 2022

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2022? Here are a few of the things I hope to accomplish in the coming year.

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Can you believe it’s 2022? I know. Everyone is saying that. Even more surprising, can you believe we’re still living in a plandem-blah? I can only hope the next year brings better times collectively than what we’ve seen in the last couple of years.

Regardless of what the world offers up, we have some control over our fates and circumstances. I’m definitely a goal setter. I set goals around the new year, mid-year, and really any time I feel like I need to reset my priorities.

I’m a dedicated list maker, but I feel like I spend a lot of time managing lists and making sure things don’t get lost in the shuffle. Several of the goals below are recurring. Instead of making a new list each month, I used Canva to create a printable goal tracker for each month.

The tracker consists primarily of content-related goals for Honestly Modern, Raising Global Kidizens, and WasteWell. While I can’t control a lot of things about these businesses, I can control how much and what types of content I create that (hopefully) you will enjoy!

Personal Goals for 2022

Most of my goals for the year are personal goals related to my family and me. These are a few of the personal goals I’ve set for the next year.

Walk At Least 10 Minutes Every Day

Ten minutes isn’t much, but I’d like to get a breath of fresh air at least once a day. I sit at my computer for hours working and often forget to get up. It always feels good to be outside, even for a few minutes, so I want to try to make this a priority.

Workout 3 Times Per Week

I know. This is so cliche. I’ve never really had a “stupid” exercise goal for the New Year. But we recently got a Peloton bike, and I’ve been focusing on everything except my physical fitness lately. Let this be a fresh start.

Turn Our Playroom into a Workspace For Our Boys

Our boys are 7 and 9, and they don’t really use our playroom anymore. They are outgrowing many of their toys. I plan to use Modsy to help us redesign the space to include two desks so the boys have a space to do homework (where we can also monitor what they are doing on their computers).

Update My Office

My office is a bit of a hodgepodge of furniture and… it’s often kind of messy. I’d like to give it a bit of a facelift with some paint or wallpaper and a better organization system so I can keep it clean from day to day. I don’t think this really involves buying any new furniture. But if a need does arise, I’m hoping to find something through our local Buy Nothing group or Facebook Marketplace.

Visit Longwood Gardens Once a Quarter

We live not far from Longwood Gardens, a world-renowned arboretum that’s a gorgeous place to walk and hang out. We have been just a few times since we moved to the area. It’s abysmal that we haven’t taken advantage of this place that’s so close to us. I’d like to get a membership and make it there once a quarter. I especially want to attend the Longwood Gardens Holiday Light Show next year.

Complete the 12 Dates of Christmas

I created a list of 12 dates to do with my husband a few years ago, and we ended up not getting around to them. I think it was the year we moved from Chicago to Philadelphia, so several of the date ideas we could no longer do in a new city. We were also drowning in all the things related to moving halfway across the country.

I’m hoping this year we can be more intentional about making some of these events happen. Given our boys’ sports schedules, I anticipate this is not going to be easy. But I’m up for giving it a shot. Here are the 12 dates I tentatively planned for this year.

Use It Up Challenge | Health & Beauty Products

Like most of us, I have an accumulation of beauty products and samples that sit in my bathroom vanity drawers. I want to use them up for enjoyment, but also so I can stop sifting through them every time I’m looking for something specific. Most of the products that collect dust are face masks and creams. Wish me luck.

Make a DIY Bokashi Bucket and Learn Bokashi Composting

I’ve tried a lot of types of composting but haven’t attempted Bokashi yet. Because I have enough space to compost outdoors, I don’t really need it.

Now that I run my own curbside compost collection business, I also can drop my food scraps at the farm when I transport the waste from all of my customers. Nonetheless, I’m really curious to see how this works and look forward to being able to create a bunch of content for the WasteWell blog in 2022.

Do a Monthly Family Adventure

I thought about putting a list together of planned adventures, kind of like the 12 Dates of Christmas. But there are so many variables, and I’m hoping that some of them end up being a bit spontaneous.

I have some general ideas of things I’d like to do that include visiting local attractions we haven’t yet tried like museums, small ski resorts, waterparks, amusements parks, and more. Road trips are always fun if we end up with an open weekend.

I also signed up to receive cheap flight notifications from Scott’s Cheap Flights in case there is an opportunity to visit family and travel to a place on our wish list at a discount. Given the boys’ sports schedules, it’s hard to plan a lot of travel far in advance. Occasionally, a weekend opens up, and it would be pretty amazing to make a trip out of it.

I know flying is far from eco-friendly. But our family lives far away, and I also find value in traveling to new and unique places when we can and with intention. Eco-friendly living is all about balance for us.

Professional Goals

I have a laundry list of more specific professional goals related to Honestly Modern, WasteWell, and Raising Global Kidizens. However, it would be pretty boring to list them all here. But there are two professional goals that might be of interest to you!

Make WasteWell A Reputable Composting Resource Site

If you’ve been around the blog for a hot second, you know that I am a total composting nerd. After years of creating composting content here, I’ve decided to move it all over the WasteWell and make that a site all things composting at home. I’m looking forward to building an entire resource site dedicated to composting.

Are you a composting king or queen? Do you want to write for WasteWell? Or maybe you compost at home and want to be featured in Compost Chronicles, formerly Bring Your Trash To Life? If so, be sure to reach out!

If you’re not already signed up for WasteWell emails, be sure to put your name on the list. I don’t post there as often as I do here. But I send periodic emails with updates on composting for the soil health nerds like me (or those who are just looking to learn a thing or two about returning organic waste to the planet to support new life).

Hire 10 Regular Writers For Honestly Modern

For nearly nine years, Honestly Modern has been a personal blog written entirely by me. Recently, I’ve been bringing on some amazing writers who have expertise in eco-friendly living areas that aren’t my specialty. I’ve already brought two writers on board and hired a virtual assistant.

I’m hoping to bring on at least 8 more writers who can write at least one post per month. Are you interested???! (If so, email me and we can discuss some ideas and see if you’re a good fit.) Hopefully, by the end of the year, you’ll see a variety of content for nearly a dozen amazing voices sharing their perspectives and ideas on eco-friendly living for modern families.

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