Reading Lately: It’s Okay To Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too) 

This book is hilarious. This book is sad. This book is refreshing and comforting and honest. You should read this book!

It’s not everyday you find a memoir about death and loss that leaves you laughing out loud on page 3.  But this book, It’s Ok To Laugh (But Crying is Cool Too), did just that for me.

The author, Nora McInerny Purmort, has a lovely way of sharing her story and life lessons learned through the course of marrying a man she loved, having a baby together, and then losing her father, husband and a second baby over the course of just a few weeks.

Her words are real and raw. She’s self-deprecating and funny. She connects with the real-life reality that life is often messy and chaotic, unpredictable and imperfect, but totally worth the roller coaster ride.

Throughout the book, she reminds us that it’s ok to not always have everything together. Sometimes things fall into place, while other times we are lost or stumbling. And that’s totally ok.

It’s not a long or particularly dense read, making it perfect for reading in those small tidbits of time that creep up on us (or during a two hour window of uninterrupted time if you’re lucky enough to come across one of those).

I certainly enjoyed it, and I think you will too. So head to your library and check it out!

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