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Kids Create | Easy and Fun Upcycled Glass Bottle DIY Project for Kids

Thanks to BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressing for sponsoring this post. All opinions and ideas are my own (or from my little five year old). Feel free to try them out for yourself!

Looking for a simple and fun art project for your kids with items you already have around the house? Try this upcycled glass bottle that will be perfect to water plants in and around house. In just 30 minutes, our little guy did most of the creation himself. 

What kind of parent are you? Some of us have an abundance of creative skills and passion to prepare intricate art projects for our kids. Others hesitate to even bring out a box of crayons and paper for fear the crayons find more counters and walls than paper. 

I’m somewhere on the middle of the spectrum. I have plenty of patience for an artistic mess but little interest in gathering supplies or perusing Pinterest for just the right craft project with all the trimmings. Thus, you won’t find too many elaborate art projects in our house. However, when my boys ask to decorate something we already have with fabric remnants in our art supply bins, I’m all in. It’s easy, adorable, and they can complete the project almost entirely on their own. 

J has been asking for “a house plant to water” for months. Despite my commitment to gardening, I haven’t have a single plant in our home. It’s been on my “to do someday but I have no idea what to buy or grow” list for quite some time, particularly because our house doesn’t get a lot of sunlight. 

A couple of weeks ago, my mother-in-law came to the rescue and gifted J a baby cactus. Not only can he water it when he feels like it, but it’s a sturdy little thing too. When he inevitably forgets about it for a while, because he’s 5, it will be waiting for him when he gets back. 

We decided to make a special bottle to hold water for his cactus. Initially, we planned to cover it with blue fabric with a wavy design like water. Then J suggested we ditch the blue fabric, add a bunch of fish and an octopus, and let the real water be “the ocean”. 

Done and done.

We gathered up a few supplies that we already had on hand. We used a BRIANNAS fine salad dressing bottle, fabric remnants, glue, and kid scissors. We finished the project in under 30 minutes, including clean up. That’s my kind of project!

J did most of the cutting and gluing himself with a bit of occasional help from me. That was it! 

The project doesn’t take long to dry, which is perfect for his limited, 5-year-old patience. He wanted to try out his finished product and didn’t have to wait all day or overnight to give it a whirl.

I probably sound like a broken record, but zero waste and low waste living don’t have to be pricey or expensive. Zero waste perfection might be taxing, but good enough is far better than perfect, and good enough is a threshold just about any of us can achieve. 

Things we already buy, like glass jars and bottles, have so many opportunities for new life. Just about every time we empty a jar, bottle, carton, or box, J say “Hey! Can I have that? I can make something with it.” I’m pretty sure he loves his upcycled art supplies as much or more than the “real” toys on which we spend money. 

In addition to art projects for kids, we’ve put our BRIANNAS glass bottles to work for a variety of other uses in our kitchen as well (link to previous post). 

What’s your favorite way to upcycle packaging from your grocery store purchases, especially all those glass jars and bottles that have so much life left in them? Tell me in the comments; I’m all ears!

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