My Genius Eludes Me

Many of you have probably read Eat, Pray, Love. I have not, though it’s on my list of books to consider reading at some point. 

Update: I read it! And liked it. And while I don’t have plans to shout from the rooftops about how it’s the most crazy, awesome, amazing book I’ve ever read, I can understand why it had such a widespread appeal. I definitely pulled out a few quotes and excerpts to which I wanted to return for further introspection later. 

Regardless of whether or not you’ve read the book, consider checking out the Ted Talk the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, gave on her view of the genesis of our creative inspiration. To summarize, she proposes our creative “genius” is actually an external character and not an internal characteristic inherent in our personality. Essentially, she hopes to highlight that even the greatest creative minds have moments of genius and moments when that creative genius completely eludes them. Attributing our creative genius to a “fairy” that lives outside our bodies and chooses to inspire or abandon us at various times helps explain why even the best and brightest minds aren’t always filled with the best and brightest ideas. 

No matter how crazy the idea may seem, and she’s the first to admit many won’t jump on her bandwagon, I really like the precedent that her talk suggests. As far (and I mean really far) from a creative genius as I am, I can relate to her feelings and thought process regarding the writing of my blog posts. Some days, ideas flow so freely that my fingertips can barely keep up with the tsunami of ideas flowing from my brain onto the shores of the keyboard. Days like today, though, the sand of the “keyboard beach” sits dry with calm waters trickling onto the shores. No great ideas rush through my brain; my “elusive genius” has left me hanging out to dry. 

As my busy time at work begins to creep into my life, I suspect my “fairy” genius will spend less time inspiring my blogging brain and more time feeding my professional capacities (or taking a hiatus and resting until my crazy work schedule demands less of my mental energy). In the meantime, I will do my best to continue plowing through on those days when creative inspiration is harder to find. I still get dressed for work three days a week so I will certainly share with you my professional style. I just may have fewer ridiculous or sarcastic thoughts to share.

Let’s hope my “genius” doesn’t come to overly enjoy it’s elusive state and frequently makes returns visits to my churning brain. 

Dress – Target; Belt – Target; Shirt – Express; Shoes – Guess via Macy’s

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