Score A Free Audiobook For Independent Bookstore Day

Want to receive a free audiobook from Check out the offer below for Independent Bookstore Day. Also, be sure to use code HONESTLY if you sign up for a subscription to get two audiobooks for the price of one when you sign up.

Have you heard of It’s my favorite audiobook app, and I use it all the time. is unique because it partners with independent bookstores to share profits from audiobook sales on its site.

Unlike some audiobook apps that use AI algorithms to provide you book recommendations that often end up being “more of the same” that you already read or listen to, independent booksellers find amazing books in the nooks and crannies of the publishing world and share them with customers. Independent bookstores also provide a space for up-and-coming authors to shine and help each of us find amazing books we may not otherwise have discovered without their bookish expertise.

To celebrate Independent Bookstore Day, is offering a free audiobook to anyone who spends $15 at an independent bookstore. has curated a list of hand-selected books to offer with your qualifying purchase.

When you spend $15 USD (or equivalent in another currency) at any local bookstore between April 24th and April 26th, you can submit your purchase details for a free audiobook from Shop online or visit your local bookstore, and hang on to your receipt.

As a thank you for supporting bookstores, you’ll get to pick an audiobook from 12 choices across a range of genres—including middle grade, YA, romance, true crime, and more.

For more details, instructions, and the list of audiobooks to choose from, visit The offer is valid worldwide. Submit your receipt and choose your audiobook no later than 9 pm ET on Monday, April 26th.

What Is is an online audiobook store that shares its profits with independent bookstores. They have tons of audiobooks, and I’ve been really happy with their app technology.

If you are new to, you can receive two audiobooks for the price of one when you sign up for a new monthly subscription. A monthly subscription allows you to choose one audiobook each month. The retail price of the audiobook is often significantly higher than the monthly fee, so you effectively receive the audiobook at a big discount.

You can also buy individual audiobooks from As a subscriber, you also receive a discount on any additional audiobooks you purchase through beyond the one you receive as a part of your subscription each month.

Although Independent Bookstore Day is only April 24th, is extending their free audiobook deal through Monday, April 26th. Check out the list above of free audiobooks from which you can choose when you submit your receipt showing a purchase of at least $15 from an independent bookstore of your choice. I have not read all the books, but I’ve heard others swoon over several of them.

While I am always a big fan of the library, it’s important to support local businesses and independent retailers when we purchase books. If you’re in the market for an addition or two to your home library, be sure to support your local independent bookstore on Independent Bookstore Day and submit your receipt to receive a free audiobook from

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