2015 Manifesto: Staying On Track

As a working mom of two young boys, T and J, who are two and half and eight months, respectively, and married to a great guy, M, who also has a demanding corporate job, life as of late has been tough. It feels like a complicated, exhausting exercise of treading steadily to keep my head above water.

With all that’s going on, I often feel tired, disengaged, and just pretty flat.

Everyone says this is the toughest time. As the boys get older, times will get better and easier.

But I don’t want to wait for the haze to burn off. I want to create the space and opportunities for great moments to bloom and flourish.

Despite not generally being one to make resolutions or set definitive goals, I decided to take a different approach beginning in 2015. I invested some time being more thoughtful and reflective to find what really gets me fired up. I’d like to make strides to create opportunities in my life to follow those dreams that capture me.

With those goals, I created a 2015 Manifesto. I wrote it for myself back in January, even though I’m just sharing it here now. I suppose it’s a good check-in to see how I’m doing regarding staying on track with my intentions. So far, I haven’t been perfect, but I’ve definitely formulated relevant experiences and made progress toward taming some of the feelings of chaos. Let’s hope for continued success as we progress in 2015.

My 2015 Manifesto

Be Present With My Family ~ When I spend time with them, it’s focused and committed. I bring my A game and engage wholeheartedly.

Be Mindful of My Health ~ As much as possible, make choices considerate of my overall health. Take care of my body and mind with healthy food, an active lifestyle, and positive perspectives.

Discover What Drives Me ~ Be reflective and notice what makes me happy. Dedicate time occasionally to being introspective and thinking about what I would like for my future instead of only being consumed by the race of the moment.

Find Passion in My Work ~ Keep top of mind the direct and indirect benefits of my job. Appreciate the positive things I experience in my work and the wonderful opportunities it affords me outside of the office. Actively pursue a search for the most fulfilling ways to be an engaged employee. When I think I find those opportunities, ask for them.

Protect My Time ~ With only a definitive amount of time in our lives and limited disposable time, be sure to only commit to and spend time doing the most important things. Commitments aren’t made out of obligation but only to serve a greater purpose in finding fulfillment in everyday life.

Draft My Dreams ~ As I discover what drives me and find passion in my work, turn these insights into dreams and plans for the future. Develop game plans to act and make these dreams and big plans come to fruition.

Keep My Camera Close By ~ I have resolved to complete a Project 365 to visually reflect on the everyday and gain better mastery of my camera. Wish me luck!

Seek The Best In Myself and Others ~ Take an extra second to put myself in others shoes or understand where others come from. Recognize that most people act in good faith and with the best intentions. Assume the best until proven otherwise and search to find the good in others and myself even if it’s not immediately present.

Live Graciously With Less ~ Continuously assess what I really need to be happy and successful. Let go of things and commitments and people that weigh me down. Forego what I don’t really need or what doesn’t provide quality satisfaction and happiness. There’s no reason to just “keep up with the Joneses.”

I hope these reminders will be a guide to living a great 2015 full of passion, fulfillment, happiness, growth and discovery.

What do you see for your 2015? What hopes do you have for yourself and your world to make this an ever-better world? Did you set any goals or intentions? Are you still on track?

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