We live in a world of growing excess. Material possessions, typically poorly made and unused, overflow our homes. Endless demands on our time clutter our calendars. We have so much of everything. Yet we never seem to have enough of anything (or at least not the things that matter most). It all creates undue stress as well as a drain on our happiness and our resources.

We’re short on time, short on space, and long on stuff and schedules. This seems to be the unsustainable mantra of parents the world around. But I think there’s a better way (without sweeping lifestyle changes that take us out of “mainstream” living).

I believe we’re part of an emerging community of modern parents who are making a conscious effort to slow the storm of stress in our lives and find more sustainable options. We don’t intend to “fall off the grid” or live in tiny houses or leave our comfortable neighborhoods and friends. We do, however, envision a life that’s not so crowded with crap.

Leading a more intentional and conscious yet “mainstream” lifestyle in many ways starts by saying ‘no.’ We say ‘no’ to fast fashion and wasteful consumption. We say ‘no’ to unnecessary obligations and protect our time vigilantly. We let into our lives only what we have thoughtfully and consciously determined is worth our limited time and space (physically and emotionally).

In exchange, we say ‘yes’ to fewer but more thoughtful purchases. We say ‘yes’ to more family dinners and unscheduled Saturday afternoons. We say ‘heck yeah’ to a few extra moments for ourselves. And we find a more sustainable cadence and a happier family.

This is what this space is all about.

Honestly Modern is Sustainable Living for Modern Families. 

I’d love for you to join me in sharing a space for parents to explore ideas about leading more thoughtful and intentional yet mainstream lifestyles. In a culture of competition and conspicuous consumption, a focus on sustainability and simplicity isn’t always easy, but I think we’ll find it’s well worth the pursuit.

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