Don’t we all just wish we had a little more time? While we can’t do much about adding extra minutes to the 1,440 we’re given each day, we can certainly make efforts to find ways to use them more effectively.

As a voracious consumer of all sorts of media always looking to learn something new and willing to experiment with novel methods and routines to manage life, I’m the guinea pig rounding up and trying out better ways to make the most of the time we have.

I’ll never have everything in life, but I’m convinced I can make time and space in my life to accomplish most of my dreams, no matter how big or small. If you’re feeling like “there’s gotta be a better way,” stick around and join the conversation. I think you’re right.

Join me as we take a ride in the happy lane on the journey to have it all… mostly.

You can check out:

Career ~ Just like so many women, I play career woman vs. super mom every day. I’ve never mastered both and don’t plan on it. Instead, I do my best to find a healthy balance and integration between the two. To keep us all on our toes when we’re in our heels, I periodically share strategies to succeed at the office without compromising the all-important role of Mom.

My New Job In A Dual Career Family

Mom Guilt~ Is Work-Life Integration a Pipe Dream?

Family ~ I’m not the overachieving mom throwing perfectly Pinterest-worthy birthday parties, planning involved weekend activities or preparing grandiose meals from scratch each night for dinner. Instead, I opt for trips to the park, simple art projects that require no preparation and just getting my boys involved in things I already do (like cooking quick dinners on weekdays). Need some fun and simple idea to spend time as a family? You’re in the right spot!

12 Tips for Traveling Internationally With Toddlers

5 Simple Tips for Better Snacking

Style ~ Getting dressed for the office each day or pulling together a stylish look for a date night doesn’t have to be a chore. With roots as a professional style blog, I’ve got loads of outfit inspiration hiding out in the archives (the Gallery is proof) and I add more each week. Spend a little time around here, and you can definitely learn to love your closet!

Tips & Tricks to Style A Wrap Dress (It’s Harder Than It Looks)

One Style Formula: 5 Ways to Make It Yours

Self ~ We’re juggling a lot of tasks and responsibilities between meetings, sports games, family meals, and making beds to name a few. That doesn’t mean that one or two of those commitments shuffled around on our calendar shouldn’t be for ourselves. I’m always on the look out for small indulgences I can share with you and we can offer ourselves for a little TLC. We deserve it!

Three 20-minute Interval Workouts You Can Do At Home

Focusing On Our Own Success

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Wanna know more? Here’s a typical day in our life squeezing in a little bit of everything.

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Last but not least, here’s a little nitty gritty about me. You might just be wondering who’s behind all this business…