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Overconsumption is a driving force in our environmental woes. “Buying less” in our consumerist society is a core principle of sustainable living and an important element of finding more balance with our planet.

That being said, most of us still need to consume certain things and find joy and happiness in specific purchases and possessions. In many cases, sustainable products are more expensive due to higher-quality materials, fairer wages, and more robust transparency. Discounts on sustainable living items we otherwise need or plan to buy can make green living more accessible.

Sustainable Living On Sale

This post is a part of a series in which I highlight current sustainable living and eco-friendly products that are on sale. If you don’t need them at the moment, don’t buy them. But if they are on your wish list, this might be an opportunity to purchase the item in your budget, support a sustainable brand, or plan ahead for that perfect gift for an upcoming holiday or special occasion.

Additionally, sales come and go. If you’re finding this post after the sales below end, check out the latest posts in the Sustainable Living on Sale series.

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THINX and THINX Between

THINX is a reusable period panties company that also sells select athletic wear with period absorption built into them. THINX Between is their period panty line specifically for tweens and teens. If you’re looking to have a more sustainable period, and stop throwing away so many pads and tampons, THINX is a great option!

I’ve been using THINX for many years now. They’re great as a period alternative for regular to light flow days and work as a backup for heavier flow days. They do have period panties made for heavy flow days if that’s your preference. Here are a few options from their sale collection, but there are many more options to check out as well.

Thinx period panties in black with lace at band and marbled print on main area
3 Thinx period panties in black, grey with purple band and blue with purple band
Thinx period panties in mauve with lace at band and solid mauve color on main area
Thinx period panties in blue with polka dots
Thinx period panties in black
3 Thinx period panties in pink and gred stripe with blue band, grey with purple band and blue with purple band. A box that says fresh start period kit

Melissa and Doug Toys

These high-quality toys have been a staple in sustainable playrooms for a while. Most of their toys are made of wood or other long-lasting materials, and they have lots of opened toys that keep kids’ imaginations moving. I love that their collections include toys that spark imaginative play as well as puzzles and games for more analytical and educational development.

These could make great holiday gifts if you’re planning to buy a few things for your kids or relatives. There are also lots of gift ideas that are perfect for keeping kids’ hands busy while you read aloud to them or while they listen to audiobooks.

We have the memory game, and my boys have used it for years. It’s perfect for road trips too. My older son can’t get enough drawing, so a set of sketch pads would be a perfect holiday gift for him.

Here are a few of my favorites from the sale, though be sure to check out what might work for you and your family as well. There are tons more items included in the sale!

Melissa and Doug memory game
Melissa and Doug animals, alphabet and numbers water wow pads
Melissa and Doug blocks
Melissa and Doug patter blocks set
Melissa and Doug construction set in a box
Melissa and Doug sketch pads

Currently, both of these sales are on Zulily for the next few days. You may need to create an account or log in to your account to see the deal and see if they have any items on sale that suit your needs.

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