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Mount Pilatus

FashionablyEmployed.com | If you're headed to Europe, consider adding Switzerland to your itinerary! We found our day traveling up Mount Pilatus in Lucerne to be the most beautiful experience we've had in Europe. Click through to the blog for more details!

Let me tell you about the most beautiful day M and I have ever spent in Europe! I couldn’t resist sharing all the crazy gorgeous photos from our trip to the top of Mount Pilatus in Lucerne (or Luzern, in German – the locals speak Swiss German in the part of the country we visited).

Today was the pinnacle of our trip, no pun intended.  We booked tickets for the Golden Roundtrip, which included a boat ride on Lake Lucerne over to the base of Mount Pilatus, a ride on a cogwheel train (reaching inclines of up to 48 degrees) to the very top of the mountain, a walk around the peak of the mountain (the first photo above is Mount Pilatus from the ground and we traveled all the way to the very top), and finally a gondola ride back down to the city.  If you ever make it to Lucerne, I definitely recommend hitting up this tourist attraction.  It is worth ever Swiss Franc paid (which translates to quite a few US dollars due to the insane cost of living in this country).  But truly – so worth it!

You say you want to see what else I wore in Switzerland? Well, you’re in luck!

I wore leggings on our red eye flight… good stuff, right? While in Switzerland, I ate chocolate gelato, climbed Uetliberg, wandered through Zurich, and climbed some more in search of famous Swiss chocolate,

Now you want to see more amazing Alps photos? I totally understand. It’s a beautiful sight to see!!

The cogwheel train we rode for forty minutes on our way up the mountain.

Sadly, a camera (or at least my photography skills) can’t do justice to the expansive and overwhelming authority of the Swiss Alps. But we did our best to capture the beauty.

My view looking across the very top of the mountain peak.  The right side looks out over the mountains (views are shown above).  The left side looks out over the city and Lake Lucerne.  The clouds prevented us from seeing off that side of the mountain.  But we got a peak of the view from the gondola when we passed just under clouds on the way down the mountain.

After our trip to Mount Pilatus, we walked around Lucerne a bit and I loved this bright red bench in the middle of the park. The color popped against the lush trees, grass, and flowers.

Jacket – Aritzia | Shirt – White House Black Market | Scarf – Nordstrom Rack | Jeans – J Crew | Shoes – Reef via Nordstrom Rack

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