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Healthier Banana Muffins – Another Breakfast Shortcut

Good Morning Everyone! On an unusually ambitious morning, I threw together these “healthier” banana muffins before The Little Guy woke up and we headed out for the day. As a family, we commit to eating a relatively nutritious breakfast every morning, so I often prepare something like egg scrambles with vegetables or a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter (The Little Guy’s favorite) and maybe some fruit or yogurt. When these muffins took twenty minutes to whip up and then another twenty minutes to bake while we proceeded to get ready for the day, we got fresh from the oven muffins for not much extra time commitment than an egg scramble. 

While I LOVE muffins (for their tastiness and also their portability), I don’t necessarily believe they are a “healthy” option when compared to the wide world of healthy food. Fresh fruit, for example, clearly is a much better (and equally portable in many situations) option. But sometimes, a muffin is just so scrumptious, so I love that these muffins provide a healthier option among many of their muffin counterparts. 

The best part – they tasted fantastic, seriously! They have a bit of sweetness but not overwhelmingly, and they have the perfect amount of moisture. You should certainly give them a shot. 

For the recipe, head on over to Kami’s healthier food blog No Diets Allowed. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my muffin recipe! We’re a big fan of these also… we can’t enough muffins over here. Thanks again!

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