Family Time: Football in Fall

I have two little boys. And by boys, I mean “all boy” play hard, never ending energy, sports-loving boys. And if that’s the definition, M makes three. So when the weather is nice (or even just nice enough), we love to get out to the parks in the area and play. Last week, I shared that we made an effort to get to the park on a beautiful Sunday and it, in part, was cut short by Chicago’s 45,000 marathon runners
On another fall day, we all took a walk to a park a few blocks from us. While I played with J (and took some photos, obviously), M and T impressed the rest of the park-goers with T’s canon of an arm. Who knows what he’ll grow up to do or be, but at this rate, there’s a pretty good chance sports are in his future.
I really love our trips to the park. During the walk to and from the park, M and I have a chance to just talk. The boys relax in our stroller and enjoy some fresh air. While playing at the park, our time is generally sans phones. M and I both work at computers for our jobs and often have our phones in hand (especially me), so it’s nice to take a break from them.

Forester’s currently sponsors Tech Timeout challenge (to pledge to take a one hour break from technology each day for a week). In conjunction, they’re hosting a Tech Timeout Pin It to Win It sweepstakes through which you can re-pin one of their inspirational images or pin a photo of how your family takes a timeout from technology for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Not too shabby to be rewarded just for sharing some quality time with your family, right? You better believe I’ll be pinning our little fall football in the park photo for my chance to win the gift card!

How about you? Have you made it to the park with your little ones today? Or recently? And if they’re too big to go to the park, can you encourage them to go for a walk with you? Maybe for a walk that ends somewhere fun? As always, I’m excited to hear how you’re staying active and healthy with your family. Let’s hear!

And don’t forget to join the Tech Timeout Pin It to Win It challenge for your chance to win!

Update: Challenge has ended.

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